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Author Topic: Knee pain.New or reoccuring??please help.  (Read 736 times)

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Knee pain.New or reoccuring??please help.
« on: November 30, 2008, 03:08:34 PM »
I'm sixteen and here lately i've been having alot of trouble with my right knee.It hurts when i cross it over my left,bend down and get up,hurts some when i walk,and it especially hurts when going from a sitting position to a standing position.Sometimes i feel like its going to give out.Four + years ago i had to wear a knee brace because of soccer.They never really told me what the problem was,just that i had to wear it.I played soccer from like age 5-12 ish.I wore the brace for a while and if i remember correctly the pain went away and i didnt have to wear it anymore.I dont know if thats because shortly after i didnt play soccer.Last year I joined a show choir.We sing and dance and i didnt have any problems last year.This year is when the pain started.A few months ago.I figured it would go away on its own but it hasnt.Funny thing is,it hurts more bending twisting and what not as compared to dance practice.The pain is at the back of my knee,no where else.Every now and then it shoots a pain to my ankle[ish] region.But thats just generally when i cross my right leg over my left.I often find myself putting more weight on my left leg because it hurts too bad to put more than necessary on my right.My knee usually feels like its going to give out when i stand up,walk, etc.Hopefully ive provided enough information to help.Money is tight for my family right now so i dont want to visit a doctor unless necessary.Anything your willing to offer is GREATLY appreciated.By myself and my mom.Thank you.