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Author Topic: acl partial tear  (Read 885 times)

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acl partial tear
« on: November 30, 2008, 02:54:00 PM »
i have been having knee trouble in both legs for about 18 months the physio said she thinks it is chondromalacia patella after some physio sessions i started playing football again in july i injured my right knee a+e doctor diagnosed crutiate damage but couldn't say anymore until the swelling went down he refered me to an orto consultant and an advanced physio.and booked an mri scan.
the advanced physio checked my knee and said the crutiate was damaged wait until i see the ortho consultant.
i finally got to see the ortho doc who spend about a whole 45 seconds talking to me checking my knee then said it was  just cartliage trouble and he would put me on his list
because of the waiting lists my nhs trust has been paying private hospitals to do some ops for them
i got an appointment for the glasgow nuffield when i went in the consultant there dr.aslem mohammed
said on my mri i had a partial anterior crutiate tear which needed a good physio program to strenthen the surrounding muscles and there was an 10 to 15 % chance that the cartilage was actually damaged as i have 3 young children to look after coming up to xmas i decided not  to have the arthroscopy as the recovery is hard unless you actually get time to rest the consultant said it is better to go through with it to be 100 % sure but he felt he would only be opening and closing the knee and that it was not going to make any improvement in my condition so can anyone give me some good physio exercises to do as my first visit to my new physio is a couple of weeks away and i want to get   started as soon as poss.