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Author Topic: Cyst in medial femoral condoyle  (Read 1451 times)

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Cyst in medial femoral condoyle
« on: November 29, 2008, 02:08:55 PM »
MRI three weeks ago and letter shows up from primary care doc yesterday noting the cyst and need to see an OS.  Best place here to look for information?  Gout?  Arthritis?  I have yet to discuss the size and exact MRI interpretation with the PCP.  Thanks!

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Re: Cyst in medial femoral condoyle
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2008, 04:43:59 PM »
First question you need to find the answer for is - what type of cyst is it?  Ganglion, baker or some other type of cyst.  When you find an os they will tell you, probably, it can be drained.  They are right, however, ask about it reoccurring.  In my particular case, I had mine "drained" 3 times.  It indeed goes down, briefly.  And even through the "main body" goes down the tentacles of a ganglion are still there.  The next question would be - as an os how many of these have your done?  In my case - and hindsight - I wish I would have gone to a neurosurgeon to remove my ganglion cyst.  The initial surgery, cyst removal, medial and lateral meniscus trim - went well.  However, where the incision / scar is for the cyst removal has been a troublesome spot.  Again, in my case the tentacles were quite intense and long.  What has happened is I have some nerve issues as the nerve is pushed into the scar tissue.  I've done quite abit of things to not have that be the case but it is.  So my next step is a neurosurgeon and surgery to release the nerve that is trapped. 

All of that is a worse case isssue - and I'm not rushing to surgery either.  I'm a pretty tough bird and will ride this out for quite awhile before surgery.  But that is me.  I'm assuming your having knee issues thus the mri?  What type of issues have you been having?  Pain, swelling?  Fill us in and lets see what other info we can get to you.  eagle