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Author Topic: My knee feels stuck - any advice?  (Read 2575 times)

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My knee feels stuck - any advice?
« on: November 23, 2008, 10:59:00 PM »
My right knee sometimes feels as if its stuck. Has been for a long time now, but only now has it gotten to the point of annoying. Which is why I would like to ask ur advice on this.

It's not the question of ROM (got full ROM), but just the feeling of stuckness (is that even a word lol). Left was last operated 2006, right 2004. It's been happening at times along the years and I think it could be just that there is more tightened tissue in the right knee and that would be causing the feeling of stuck. My right knee was supposed to go under the knife this christmas, but it was postponed with another year, because of the slow recovery of the left knee (2006). Fine by me, if surgery can be postponed - gives me more time to get stability in the left knee. As I've told here some point, my knee surgeon retires this decmember and I have absolutely NO idea, how to replace him. I can post around the web asking for referrals, but in my country that's a pretty dead end job. We don't have any national surgeon listings (as I believe US and UK do, dunno about other countries), where one could shop for a surgeon. Well, we'll see.

In the meantime would like to ask if anyone knows or has found out any ways to ease that feeling of knee being stuck? The feeling of stuck is not linked to the feeling of pain, but feels just plain annoying. Pain I have, but it's not because of the stuckness (that's a word and am sticking to it ;) ). Left leg is weaker, so at times right has to carry more weight. Could it be muscles around the knee tightening/cramping (right leg has more muscle), or is it just the old friend scar tissue and I will not get rid of the feeling until my right leg will be operated?

I walk better I did last summer. These times I use a cane, while I'm out and about and rarely need a crutch. When pain is intense I do use a crutch, but these times rarely need two.

If anyone has any suggestions or some good tips, woudl be grateful!

We have gotten a lot of snow the past 2 days - there's quite the snowstorm outside right now! There even was thunder crackling and lightings a couple of times (a rare thing in the winter). Feels more christmasy with snow :)

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