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Author Topic: 2.5 years on from QTR... Update (and request for info)  (Read 3738 times)

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2.5 years on from QTR... Update (and request for info)
« on: November 19, 2008, 10:49:57 PM »
Hiya All,

It's been two and a half years since I ruptured my quadriceps tendon (for the second time in three months). I was making excellent progress before re-rupturing and now I feel Im on a slower road to recovery. First of all, to give you some idea of how far I've come in the gym:

I have been going to the Gym for six months. The results so far are:

Leg Press: Increased from 140 to 315 Pounds
Quads Curl: Increased from 6 to 30 Kilograms
Ham Curl: Increased from 80 to 160 Pounds

Sounds pretty impressive right? Problem is, I achieved these within three months. If I take a week, or two weeks off (eg, illness, holiday), Im rapidly back down to say 20 Kilograms on the Quads curl and really struggling, then it takes a few more weeks to build back up. But once I hit 30, that's it. I havent been able to get beyond these figures.

I presume there's just some kind of limit in all of us?

My knee is still clicking and popping. It's not so troublesome anymore, but I still struggle with walking down stairs, running. Even basic things such as kicking the sheets in bed is a chore unless my leg is straight. Im sitting here right now, 90 degree bend in my knee, and the weight is just pulling and feeling tense within my knee cap. I've got a high threshold of pain I like to think, so I always say it doesn't really cause me any problems. But it is noticable. It's frustrating and depressing.

I don't know what else I can do? I've been cutting down the weight on the quads curl and trying for a bit more control through the range.

My docs have said I have a softening of the cartilage or something causing the clicking and popping, but they don't know what it's caused by. Im convinced it's from my accident since I didn't have it before! They've blamed it on a lack of strength, as if there's something Im not doing.

But three months on, Im still no further forward than I was three months ago. The doctor has insinuated that not only is there muscle bulk that will be lost during the accident, but I may have lost some muscle fibre. In other words, by the sounds of it, I'll always have this weakness. The theory is that I'll always have to go to the gym.

I can't afford it. Im knackered. Im not a gym person. I don't enjoy it. But I go and try and push myself. But I can't push myself any further.

Any thoughts from anyone in similar situations/have been in similar situations?


PS I have seen the trainer at the gym to ask what I should be doing differently, if there was anything more I can do, he lowered my weights, gave me more reps but fewer sets then told me that what I was pushing was incredible because he couldn't do that. Good for him. And me? How can I stop my bad leg still feeling so spongy in the thigh?
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Re: 2.5 years on from QTR... Update (and request for info)
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2008, 09:52:28 PM »
i 19 months post injury and my l quad is still an inch smaller and soft and squishy.
so unfortunately I cant offer much in the way of saying you will get it back. the quad is very hard to rebuild once it atrophies.

As for having to spend $ at the gym..there are things you can do that dont require a membership:

For one, go to your local rehab alot of time you can use their equipment for a monthly fee considerably less than standard gym fees.

Also at home programs such as wall slides, mini squats, weighted SLR in 4 different directions.
short arcs using a large can/towel rolled up, step ups you can do anywhere there is a step or cheap stool, curb even, perhaps invest in home pilates dvd's specifically for the lower body, certain yoga moves  work the quads,

If you have been doing the same x r cises for a while a complete change may help some. your wieght increases are very good...yes you do have to keep at it or they quickly atrophy again. but maybe if you want to take a week off now and then just incorporate at home stuff in between.

you r doing really good...better than alot of people would so be happy for your progress and ready to accept " new " limitations and to work with what you have. I can only leg press 40LBs with both legs and can scarcely single press 10lbs with only a slight bend in the knee so i m not getting full range or stimulating muscle fibers properly
and it took me a long time to progress past 20 lbs so you r doing great!

question: did you ever go to rehab for some modalities like ultrasound or e- stem? 

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Re: 2.5 years on from QTR... Update (and request for info)
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2008, 12:48:32 PM »
Thanks gigi. It's down the outside of the leg that I feel most problems with. There's just nothing there and I don't know if there's any exercises I can do for that.

Almost certain now I've probably reached my limit with the quads, but I only seem to have been working one muscle.

I surely don't fancy going to the gym twice a week to just stand still. Im currently undergoing a personal injury claim, so hopefully that's something in my favour. who knows.

I've never heard of e-stem, but I have had a little ultrasound. I've also had an MRI which shows just some cartilage softening. They thought it would get better with extra strength. It hasn't really. It still grind and pops, I can just about jog now, but I still look like Quasimodo if I try to run, and my knee does hurt from time to time, it's things like squats that are my main struggle and leg extensions when my knee is past 90 degrees flexion.


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Re: 2.5 years on from QTR... Update (and request for info)
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2008, 01:10:51 AM »
I have the same problem. I tore the quad tendon off of my right kneecap in a freak fall on May 25, 2006. I had surgery on June 9. I had two sessions of PT after recovery. It is now 28 months after surgery and I still have weakness, soreness, and atrophy in my quad.

Prior to the injury, I was very active in sports and weight lifting. Tow days before the injury, I did heavy squats. All this to say, my quads were very developed. My doctor told me that with recovery and PT, that I "should" be back where I was. He was way off. My quad is still squishy and noticeably smaller. Fatigue is a big problem with it now.I can't squat down to pick things up without pain. I have popping and grinding behind my kneecap as well. MRI has shown no tears or anything, but something is NOT right. I think that the source of the pain is the kneecap not being perfectly straight after the surgery. It is kind of slanted inward now due to the sutures pulling it in.

Anyway, it looks like for some of us, this is just the way it is going to be from now on.  I wish you luck in your workouts and I hope you improve more and more.
5/25/06  Right quadriceps tendon rupture from patella.
6/9/06  Surgery to repair quad tendon. Anchored to patella with sutures.
- After 6 weeks, began physical therapy for two months.
1/2007  Began another month of pt.
- Currently still experiencing pain on top of and on the interior of the kneecap.

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Re: 2.5 years on from QTR... Update (and request for info)
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2013, 02:23:40 PM »
Hi all those that have posted on this discussion.
 Eight months ago I ruptured both of my Quads,doing a heavy squat.Now at my age 77yrs it's going to be uphill to try, and get legs back in shape again,but what the hell,I can walk,which I thank the surgeon for,and each day although very little,things are getting better.I have my own home gym,which is quite well equipt,and  have used weights for 62 years,and love it.
I think a person should not be so enthusiastic,about the weight they use on exercising(this has always been my problem up until now)as long as the muscle gets a good pump,and there is a slight muscle soreness the day after,it should be fine.I am able to climb up a steep ladder,to cut this darn big hedge we have,I try to get on with my life,and not keep thinking about the problem.I also walk plenty with my dogs,which is good especially up the dune on the beach walks.I can't handle to have to do dozens of reps,and numerous exercises three times a day,I work out with weights on my whole body,three times a week,and will never do the squat lift again.Regards Kelly.