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Author Topic: Medial Condyle Defect or Unloading Procedure  (Read 1130 times)

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Medial Condyle Defect or Unloading Procedure
« on: November 14, 2008, 01:40:50 AM »
Hello All,

I got the results of the Fulkerson MRI.  It showed my tracking is excellent (good news or bad news I'm not sure - - Good as the TTT surgery did not sound fun! but bad because we still don't know).  It did show a reason for 50% of my problems.  My kneecap is severely tethered to my fat pad below my kneecap.  Which is a fairly easy fix.  What it does not help with is why the medial side of my kneecap hurts constantly as well.  We want to do one surgery to resolve all problems at once as this will be round 4 on my knee.

My Dr's thoughts are now that the medial condyle defect they found in the original ACL surgery may be acting up.  Unfortunately, there is no indication of this on the Bonescan or MRI.  He has contacted two specialist in Boston (Tom Minus) to ask if its likely to continue to have pain in this area although there are no signs of it on the bonescan or MRI.  If its a yes, this happens then they will likely do an OATS procedure (they were going to do this procedure on my second surgery, but found the meniscus wasn't repaired, so thought that was the pain).  If not, we are stuck again.

He also mentioned an unloading procedure if the above was not an option  - - Can anyone tell me what this is and how its done?

Any new thoughts on the new issue are greatly appreciated!!!  What subject should I be in - - originally I was is knee maltracking because that is what the dr's thought were originally.