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Author Topic: Post Surgery  (Read 839 times)

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Post Surgery
« on: August 14, 2003, 12:37:21 PM »
 I had an operation on my knee 15 years ago where they took the tendon and wrapped it around the knee cap to ensure that the knee did not dislocate any more.  Unfortunately it did not work and the tendon snapped, and I was ack to square one again.  I have been in so much pain over the years, taking diclofenac as a pain relief and the hospital have never really known what to do with me, until I met my current surgeon who promised me that he would try to repair my knee and enable me to play football with my 2 year old, and walk painfree again.  I went in for an arthoroscopy and lateral release on my left knee, and came out of hospital 2 days later having had a complete knee re-alignment, and mechanical movement, supported by a lateral release, and general clean up of my grinding knee and old scar tissue.  That was last Wednesday, and although the pain is just starting to ease, I have my fingers crossed that in 6 weeks time, when they remove the splint, I can work at getting my life back.  How successful are the knee re-alignment operations - will I have the opportunity to be able to walk, cycle, swim and play with my toddler without the worry of my knee dislocating all the time?