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Author Topic: My Current Situation - Help me please.  (Read 966 times)

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My Current Situation - Help me please.
« on: November 07, 2008, 09:22:26 AM »
I am at the age of 17.

I have previously had no knee problems prior to about 12 months ago, where i was playing a cricket (australian batting sport) and i had my feet planted and the rest of my body turned, my knee popped out for half a second and went back in.. sending me to fall on the ground and hold my knee in pain. no one thought it was anything and i ignored it and limped and played for longer (bad choice) mean while i used RICE when i got home and took a day off the next day and had a slight limp on day 3 after the injury, on day 4 i could really not feel it almost anything at all so i just got over it.. not really strengthing anything up...

Aproximently 6 months ago i was playing tennis and did it again and fell to the ground, the next day i was almost perfectly fine.. keep in mind neither of these times were there any noticble swelling apart from a bit on day 1 of my first incident.

after the injury 12 months ago i feel many twinges in my knees when runnig and twisting like its vulnerable..

Now to the issue.. i was playing tennis on wednsday at 6pm i was running for a shot, had my feet planted and turned my knee popped out and back in pretty much instantly.. i felt like this time i did it reallly bad like i hadnt really felt this bad before.. i laid on the ground for 30 seconds before crawling over to the side and sitting there before finally managing about a 30 degree angle on my knees (it hurt to go much further) about 10 min later i couldnt put next to no weight on my leg and sort of limped to the car (where as 6 months ago when i did injury i could walk alot better).. i used RICE when i got home but there was some pretty obvious swelling and alot more pain then normal.. at night i got next to no sleep due to pretty harsh pain but tried to ignore it, my knee was kinda swollen in the morning about 20-25% bigger than my right knee and when preasure was applied on the right side of my left knee cap towards the base of the actualy cap it is quite sore, on Friday (2 days after the incident) i spent the day on crutches (this is a first) because i can put next to no weight on the injured leg.

Right now i can stand up completly straight with slight pain and suppor my weight (standing still) there is slight 20-25% swelling still i cant lift my leg in mid air and hold it straight i cant walk on it.. when i try and walk on it ... its as if the angle of my knee is not supported and sobbles around and is quite painfull and causes a limp

i have seen doctors about this but they not good with knee's lol so they just tell me to see a physio and the physio doesnt diagnose.. just tells me to strengthn it and assumes its just a dislocation or something..

my argument and question is this.

is my injury a persistant pattela sublaxation where my knee slips out of its grove all the time (thats what it feels like) or is it an ACL tear (anterior crutiate ligament) which im kinda more lenient towards due to series of pain and events.. or is it both.. did my knee sublaxate as well as tearing acl.. yes i need an x-ray but i would like to know if u guys can tell me one or the other or just rule out one of those? Thank you.

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Re: My Current Situation - Help me please.
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2008, 12:50:28 PM »

First things first, I hope the pain is subsided somewhat.
 Now down to business - Get a referal to an OS, do not hang around and leave it any longer. I have suffered from many subluxations and ACL problems, it is almost impossible to tell you via the site what is wrong.
As you know pain is the brains way of telling the body to stop and rest, you can't rely on just doing physio to solve this. I'm suprised that without a specific diagnosis you have even got a physio to treat you.

Sorry to sound like your mother, but have suffered knee problems since 11yrs of age (am now 37, so I could be your mother) I know and most of the people on this site will tell you that early diagnosis is important.

Good luck, don't be fobbed off by your GP, get a ortho' referal and get this knee thing sorted.
Mother has spoken!!


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Re: My Current Situation - Help me please.
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2008, 02:07:01 PM »
Go see an orthopedic surgeon and don't play any sports until you have been diagnosed and/or fixed. You've done pretty much the exact same thing I did at the age of 15. The result was a completely ruptured ACL. More important than that is that every time my knee collapsed I did more damage to my knee. I ended up with a torn meniscus and arthritis by the time I was in my 20's. The torn meniscus was removed a piece at a time and ended with a partial knee replacement at age 48. People don't realize that you can get up and carry on after a complete ACL rupture. But your knee is not stable and the result can be serious, permanent damage. So don't waste your time at physical therapy. Go see an OS now.