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Author Topic: What have I done....?  (Read 884 times)

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What have I done....?
« on: November 04, 2008, 10:56:56 AM »
Hi Guys,

I'm new here as I thought after my partial menisectomy on me left knee and speedy recovery 6 weeks ago I'd not need to come back for a good while.... Wrong!

I was out bouldering the other day and feeling good when I had a fully straight leg and was moving for another hold with the majority of weight on my right leg when something went in the knee... It felt like a dislocation which is what A&E diagnosed (patela dislocation) but there are a few anomolies that don't point to this.. Firstly the knee's stable (had a PT friend check this - patella's stable too) and the mechanics of injury all point to the lateral side of the knee (which is where the pain lies), the other issue is that I can't straighten the knee without pain (not locked as will go full range but isn't nice). My PT friend's thinking hamstring tear but it really felt like something went in the knee itself.

I've got a reassesment on Thursday but am sceptical about their current diagnosis so any info from anyone here would be greatly appreciated...



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Re: What have I done....?
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2008, 04:31:51 PM »
It could be a number of things but my personal opinion is you tore something, ligaments, hamstring etc. My son did this playing softball and had to have reconstructive surgery done on his knee, No knee problems at all led to major problems that will affect him the rest of his life now that he has injured the knee and had surgery on it.
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Re: What have I done....?
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2008, 04:33:37 PM »
Get thee to a knee specialist! That's my advice. I don't think the staff at A & E know enough to be able to give you an accurate diagnosis.
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Re: What have I done....?
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2008, 04:50:59 PM »
Thanks guys....

Err I kinda gathered that I've torn something but just not sure what.... Was wondering if my symptoms correlated with something someone here's experienced - I'm sure the after effects of any surgery will remain with me (not really what I needed to hear right now tho tbh) - hope your son recovered well.

I agree that the A & E department aren't the best placed to diagnose something as complex as the knee, going back Thus so hopefully I'll get a quick referal to a OS or other specialist.