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Author Topic: patella tendon defect sutured shut after acl this normal?  (Read 744 times)

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I had an appointment today with my OS that has left me a little frustrated about my situation. I am about 3.5 months post op from a patella tendon autograft. I asked him how long it takes the patella tendon to fill in/regrow and he told he sutured the defect in the tendon shut so there is nothing to regrow. I was under the impression that tendon is always left opened so that it can fill in and regrow. That is why I chose he patella tendon over the hamstring graft. Is this a normal practice? I didn't realize I was "sacrificing" a body part to replace my ACL. I have been experiencing a lot of tendinitis and I was hoping it would go away as the tendon regenerated. How is my tendon ever going to be even remotely as close as strong as normal patella tendon?

Obviously, I should have clarified all the details of the surgery with my surgeon beforehand.  I do not want come off as complaining because I realize this situation is nobody's fault but my own. I am just wondering if anybody else out there has had their tendon shut after the procedure. If so how did it end up working out for you? I'd appreciate any responses.