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Author Topic: re has anyone had a lateral release AND an OATS proced at same time? results?  (Read 782 times)

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Its Friday. Yeah.  My articular cartlidge is damaged in my knee (fell directly on knee). 

The MRI report says: focal abnormality noted involving the articular cartlidge of the patella involving the articular eminence extending into the medial articular facet.  This extends over approx 1.4 cm in transvrse dim x approx 1.3 cm in cardniocaudad dimension.  This does nto extend through the full thickness of the articular cart and is consitent with area osf Grade II change.  Also synovitisi and laxity noted in the ACL.  Any thoughts on this diagnosis?

The ortho surgeon (suppose to be a top cartlidge guy) wants to do a lateral release and OATS procedure.  I want to get back to competitive running and biking but who knows if I ever will. I'm in my late 40's.
Has anyone had a lateral release and OATS procedure done at the same time? How are you doing? Results? Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!