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Author Topic: Could anyone please help?  (Read 707 times)

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Could anyone please help?
« on: October 22, 2008, 10:37:10 PM »

I am in my thrid year at university and have to do a disseration this year. I was really hoping to do it on the psychologically effects of sports injuries, I have had two ACL rupture myself, one on both knees and waited four years on the NHS for an operation and am currently on a waiting list for my second op. I have found it really hard coping with the injuries and not being able to play football. and also not being able to express how i emotionally feel/felt about my injury to others. I think the psychological effects of an injury are often forgotten about by health professionals. I am looking for sports people who have had an injury and:
1, Have recovered and returned to sport
2,Have recovered from physcial injury but not returned to sport
3,Those currently recovering from an injury
4, those with injuries and currently waiting to be seen by specialist/ physio etc

I just wanted to send a post on here to see if anyone would be interested in taking part. It would involve filling out a few questionnaries. I could email them to participants and it would invlove you to post them back. I would be willing to send out a stamped envolpe to individuals addresses but i am aware of all safety issues and so on. It would be preferable if individuals lived in the UK as i am looking at the National Health Service as a factor in the study. I thought it would be good to come on this site for participants as i do not know you and i think individuals will be more truthful. I think injured players often play down how they feel as they think people wont understand especially if they dont play sport themselves.

I cannot go a head with the study unless i have enough participants so if anyone would be willing to take part i would be very grateful if you could leave a post on here just to let me know if you are willing to participate and then i will get back to you from there.

Many Thanks