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Author Topic: ACL Reconstruct - are there special considerations if I have extensive artritis?  (Read 578 times)

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I am 44, female and ruined my ACL about 30 years ago and never had it fixed-thus my predicament today. I recently began having a problem with my knee "catching" when walking up slopes (I hike). 1 month ago I underwent a scope and the doc cleaned out loose materials and said that I had "tons of arthritis". I did not have my ACL reconstructed at that point because stability was not a problem for quite some time (I could run, hike bike w/little pain other than the catching)

1 month out though I am feeling what I believe to be instability/pain when I move certain ways.   :'(   (I assume it is because they removed all that scar tissue which probably held things together all these years) I am rehabing in hopes to get back to hiking/biking at least.

Doc has also told me that I will need a full replacement in the future and stated that I am currently a candidate for a partial - but stated that I would need an ACL for those procedures.

I have been told that one has to be careful when reconstructing an ACL when the joint has this correct?


Circa 1977 - ACL & medial meniscus tears
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Aug 2008 - MRI (tri-compartmental degenerative changes, meniscus tear, ACL tear, arthritis)
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Current - rehab

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I had an ACL reconstruction 17 years after my tear occurred. I already had arthritis at that time but my doctor didn't seem to think it was an issue. That was 18 years ago and ACL recons have come a long way since then. My ACL is still intact so I was able to have a PKR two years ago.

You might just be having instability because your muscles are weak from the surgery. You quads are extremely important for holding your knee together.