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Author Topic: PostOP Lateral Knee Release  (Read 1318 times)

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PostOP Lateral Knee Release
« on: October 22, 2008, 03:59:42 AM »
I had a Lateral Knee Release on July 14th, after surgery I had lots of swelling and even though I did my exercises  it took me awhile to heal/ walk without crutches. In the beginning of Sept I went for my final appt with my ORTHO I expressed I was worried because my right knee "buckles" out of no where. He told me I would be fine in a few weeks and kind of wrote it off. (he was a great surgeon with  no bedside manners)

So its October now and I have had no change in the Buckling Iím getting in my right knee. As a result of this I have fallen a few times, I can not walk up stairs "normally", this has taken a HUGE toll on my life I can not enjoy activities I used to because I am very worried my knee is going to buckle and I will fall and break something.

Today I talked my general DR. She said something about getting a second opinion which my mother has said something about as well. So my question is has anyone else had this problem after surgery or anything that may help me?

I still do my exercises and ride the stationary bike I am a 21 year old female whom is overweight. I realsed durring this surgery AKA Hell that I dont want to have health problems because im over weight and made the initative to diet and excersise (intill my knee buckled on the treadmill and I fell)  I do the bike now. I just dont understand what its like this I NEVER had issues like this before.

p.s. Sorry if this is kind of all over the place


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Re: PostOP Lateral Knee Release
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2008, 11:21:48 AM »

You are still very early on in the recovery process 3 months is no time at all.

I have had lateral release and chondraplasty to both knees done, right knee done 12 weeks ago and the left 3 weeks ago  and I am really struggling. My right knee(the 1st one done) is really given me alot of trouble and keeps slipping from side to side and feels as though it going to give way.

My OS has told me that it takes a good 6mnths to a year to be fully recovered and remember everyone will heal and tolerate the pain differently.

Keep up the physio as it is so important.


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Re: PostOP Lateral Knee Release
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2008, 01:56:48 PM »
You are still early in the recovery from the procedure give it time. The buckling feeling that you are having is due to weakness in your quad muscles you need to get them stronger to get that to stop.
The recovery for a Lateral Release can take 6 months to 1 year to heal. I have had 1 LR done on my left and 2 on the right. And while the left one went GREAT the second one on the right is not going so good. Im 6 months + post op on the second one with the right knee and having serious issues but i wont bore you with those details† :)
Just keep up with the physio and do some exercises to get the quad muscles stronger so that you dont get that buckling happening.
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Re: PostOP Lateral Knee Release
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2008, 11:49:53 PM »
  I had a LR on my left knee on the 22nd of July. I have a similar problem to you. I am unable to walk without a limp, have problems going up and down the stairs, still have swelling and quite a lot of pain, have not regained a full range of movement and can't bend or extend my knee fully.
  I went for a second opinion on the 20th of this month. I was told that it takes from 6mths to a year to recover fully or see any benefits of LR. He told me that sometimes LR are unsuccessful. I was also told that i have osteoarthritis which is not making my recovery any easier, and may be why i'm getting a grinding feeling when i walk and a lot of noise in the joint when i walk or attempt to bend. He told me to keep up the excerises they are very important.
  You need to keep your quads and hamstring working so not to have muscle wastage. Cycling is a great was to get exercise for your knee as it's a non weight baring exercise so your not putting to much pressure on the joint.
  I see you mentioned that you are overweight. I too was over weight when i had my first knee injury. I lost 7 stone(98lbs) hoping it would improve my knee and that i wouldn't have to go and see an OS. The weight loss improved my knee greatly and relieved all the pressure i had in the joint, but unfortunatly my knee problem reared it's ugly head again 1 year after the weight loss and i had no choice but to see an OS.
  You should try your best to lose weight and even if it doesn't help your knee very much it will improve your over all health and you'll feel great.
  If your not happy with your knee and you think there is something wrong go and get a second opinion. They might not find anything wrong but at least it'll put your mind at rest.
Best of luck and i hope your feeling better soon.
P.S  If you want any hints or tips on losing weight let me know :)
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Re: PostOP Lateral Knee Release
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2008, 12:27:51 AM »
Are you in a supervised PT program?  Are you doing any strengthening exercises for your quad muscles?

I too had similar "buckling" of my knee after LR surgeries.  I was told it was due to weak quad muscles.  I improved this by doing mini squats, step ups and step downs off a block (2 inches in the beginning working up to 6 inch steps), straight leg raises, leg extensions, etc.  If your OS hasn't set you up with a PT then ask your general doctor to refer you.  It takes 6-12 months and lots of hard work to get your strength back.  You will do it!!  You sound very motivated. 

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