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Author Topic: NHS and ACL conservative management  (Read 830 times)

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NHS and ACL conservative management
« on: October 22, 2008, 09:12:26 AM »
At the end of July I injured my right knee whilst playing hockey (hyperextended whilst running about as fast as I can which isn't very!), I went to hospital immediately. Told them what had happened and that I had heard a tear.  But weren't too interested told me to see a physio on the Monday. I saw the physio who said hadn't done anything serious to the knee asked if he was sure as I had been misdiagnosed with a rupture to my left ACL for nine years, but he assured me it would be OK. Was not completely sure so just over a month later my GP got a consultant appointment for me which is just as well as it went when again. 

I now can't walk without crutches, I saw the consultant last week and he said I had torn at least one of the meniscus in my right knee and possibly ruptured my ligament. They are intending to do an arthroscopy on my knee fix the meniscus and see what the damage is to the ligaments.  My real concern is that if my ligament is torn they don't intend to reconstruct it but just give me physio, considering the problems I had with my left knee until it was reconstructed I am very concerned with the proposed course of action. I am 37 but do want to continue playing both football (soccer) and hockey (field). Should I wait or look at going private?

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Re: NHS and ACL conservative management
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2008, 06:48:40 PM »
Private or NHS?

Personally i go private but i have BUPA so am looked after well.

If you can afford it go private..........but do push to be treated.  I went 11 years without getting my deficient ACL done and it led to the problems i have today etc.

ACL wise Kaputt knee would be a good person for you to chat with..........

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Re: NHS and ACL conservative management
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2008, 10:51:18 PM »
Hi Lmr1 and Dodgyoldkneezer,

Firstly Dodgyoldkneezer, I am very sorry to hear the hard time you are having with your knee, ive been there. The NHS messed me about a lot about what was actually wrong with my knee, it took them 18months to figure it out, after going from physio back to sport, getting injured and back to square one at physio again and then going from one waiting list to another. If possible i would push to get the reconstruction done of the ligament, you can do all the physio you want and strengthen the knee but i am not sure if it would be ok just to do that for a sport like football. Also at the back of your mind you will always know that your ACL is ruptured which i would think would effect your confidence in your knee in daily life but particularly on the playing field. Have they not give you an MRI scann yet? If you can afford private i would go for it, waiting list times etc are getting better but it could still be a few years waiting whch means a few years out of football.

Ive just been reading your post and it relates very much to the study i am hoping to carry out for my disseration, looking at the difference in emotional reactions to injury with those who go for NHS treatment and those who go private. I was just wondering if use would like to take part in the study, below is what i initally posted on the forum


I am in my thrid year at university and have to do a disseration this year. I was really hoping to do it on the psychologically effects of sports injuries, I have had two ACL rupture myself, one on both knees and waited four years on the NHS for an operation and am currently on a waiting list for my second op. I have found it really hard coping with the injuries and not being able to play football. and also not being able to express how i emotionally feel/felt about my injury to others. I think the psychological effects of an injury are often forgotten about by health professionals. I am looking for sports people who have had an injury and:
1, Have recovered and returned to sport
2,Have recovered from physcial injury but not returned to sport
3,Those currently recovering from an injury
4, those with injuries and currently waiting to be seen by specialist/ physio etc

I just wanted to send a post on here to see if anyone would be interested in taking part. It would involve filling out a few questionnaries. I could email them to participants and it would invlove you to post them back. I would be willing to send out a stamped envolpe to individuals addresses but i am aware of all safety issues and so on. It would be preferable if individuals lived in the UK as i am looking at the National Health Service as a factor in the study. I thought it would be good to come on this site for participants as i do not know you and i think individuals will be more truthful. I think injured players often play down how they feel as they think people wont understand especially if they dont play sport themselves.

I cannot go a head with the study unless i have enough participants so if anyone would be willing to take part i would be very grateful if you could leave a post on here just to let me know if you are willing to participate and then i will get back to you from there.

Many Thanks