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Author Topic: im a new member please help!!!!  (Read 932 times)

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im a new member please help!!!!
« on: October 08, 2008, 10:59:11 AM »
Hi there all

im soooo happy i have found this site as im hoping, finally, that i can talk to some1 about my rotational osteotomy  :(
just so someone understands me u know, as its very frustrating, and it would be good to talk and to see how im getting on really, and to see what im experiencing is normal really.....
thanx 4 taking the time to talk
and i really hope to hear from som1 very soon x

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Re: im a new member please help!!!!
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2008, 03:39:09 AM »
Hi there...
               I have different issues with my knee, but there is someone on here who may help. Try to find Farrah fulkeson's osteotomy, she is on the bulletin board and she has a post op diary.  She has been so helpful to so many people, myself included.  She has been through tremendous trials and is still going through them.  I hope this mesg finds you well, you can also vent your frustrations on here, this is the place to be.  Someone will always understand what your going through, especially when family and friends try but can't because they don't have knee's which are causing us grief & pain.
  sending sunshine your way......