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Author Topic: ACL Reconstruction  (Read 622 times)

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ACL Reconstruction
« on: October 20, 2008, 05:41:39 AM »

My background is that I suffered a tibial eminence fracture about 1 year ago (the boney attachment to the ACL), and my leg would not “screw home” (i.e it was locked at about 9 degrees of extension). After seeing a couple of surgeons and having 1 arthroscopy, all telling me the knee was fine, we finally did a relook of the MRI and found out the tibial eminence had malunited to the base and was sticking up causing the block to full extension.

The procedure to fix the problem was to perform an ACL reconstruction and just chip away the extra bone sticking up.

I had this 5 weeks ago.

I seemed to be going well after 3 weeks with limited swelling and thinking I had regained some of my full extension (but it was too early to tell). I nearly had my normal walking pattern back. I started riding the bike quite rigorously and doing a lot of walking on it. After the 3 week mark, my knee started to swell up – especially above the knee cap and the surrounding muscles (hamstring, calfs and quads) have begun to become very painful when I walk. I have lost any extension that I thought I had gained and feel I have reverted to worst than before surgery. I am at about 15 degrees now – walking quite difficultly.

I went to 2 different hospitals believing it might have been an infection and 1 doctor said there are no clinical signs and another doctor gave me a blood test, which was normal. I followed this up with 2 visits to my OS to have a look at. The first time, he said no infection, and I have probably abraised some scar tissue causing the bleeding & swelling. I followed this up again last week and he again said no infection and told me that my extension will probably come as I start to walk again on it.  He said take it easy.

As of now, my swelling has not changed, the knee is warm (not hot) and all my leg muscles give me pain. (I suspect it is from walking without getting even close to full extension). The knee itself does not hurt, it feels good – if that’s a positive.

I am quite worried about this at the moment and am looking for advice on next steps. All I can do in exercises is riding a bike.

I am young and fit – I go swimming most days, but I am having a lot of trouble walking on it.

Has anyone experienced anything similar like this before?

Anyone have any ideas on what to do?