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Author Topic: Femur Alignment affecting knee??  (Read 1393 times)

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Femur Alignment affecting knee??
« on: October 18, 2008, 11:00:02 AM »
Hi  everyone, im new on here but have a bit of a problem and would like some advice.

I broke my Femur almost 3 months ago now and have yet to see any bone growth .  My next appointment with OS is next week but had some xrays done yesterday and the radiologist told me my bones werent aligned - not sure she should have even told me really.  I checked against the old xrays and it looks exacty the same so nothing has changed (still in same place) but now she has mentioned it im freaking out thinking it is mal-aligned from the start!!!  My os advises everything fine - but i honestly dont think it is now.  I know it is almost 1cm longer than the good leg, but no-one has ever mentioned mal-alignment

The reason im posting it here is that my knee seems to be pointing inwards and causing some pain - im still non weight bearing.  as there alot of knee experts here - can syou see if my knee is in the right place??

xrays posted here:[email protected]/
thanks in advance for any opinions :)
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Re: Femur Alignment affecting knee??
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2008, 03:14:47 PM »
well Im no dr for sure BUT i do know that those muscles on the inside of the knee can become very weak very quick and when that happens that pain youre describing pain on the inside of my knee was sooo bad I couldnt stand on one foot for a looong fact i couldnt even get my foot off the floor. Rehab gave me some very old school x ercisies to do called proprioception exercises...while they r for balance they strengthen those small muscles from the foot to the inside and outside of the knee...if your dr has cleared you for any rehab yet ask your rehab team about things like " standing on one foot, walking tight rope walking ( one foot in from of the other) walking criss cross time and with daily practice i was able to gradually lift my leg off the floor and finally do all of those exercises without effort...I could feel those muscles especially on the inside of knee getting stronger each time..also the quad muscles needs does your palpiteous..there are many muscles and ligaments that all act together to keep your knee in proper alignment..many times x rcises/therapy can help..ask about that next tiem you c ur dr perhaps? and if you r having probs with maltracking of your patella there always special braces and even taping methods they can show you/help you with to help keep the patella in place until you can strengthen those surrounding muscle groups. I was offered taping and a brace but opted to try other strengthening methods first ( then I ran out of insurance and COULDNT go back lol :P) anyway thats just a thought for your situation.... worth asking about anyway?