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Author Topic: lateral release/ vmo imbrication/ R.S.D recovery frustration HELP!!!!!!!  (Read 858 times)

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I had a lateral relese/ vmo imbrication on my right knee 8wks ago and having a very hard recovery time!  I am still on crutches, I can't bend my knee  that much, and I am soooo frustrated that I wish I had never had it done!    I would have put up with the dislocating.  Now I also have some freaky thing called reflex sympethic syndrome.  My leg is very painful.  Has anyone else gone through this or am I the only lucky one?  My doctor is frustrated with me, and so is my physical therapist because they think I should be further along, but my knee is not having any part of it.  I left a post-op diary (thank you for all the nice people who have helped me)

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