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Author Topic: Elmsie Trillat Procedure  (Read 2211 times)

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Elmsie Trillat Procedure
« on: August 11, 2003, 05:23:00 PM »

I am not quite sure if anyone will get this message but it is worth a try.  I had the elmsie trillat operation 2 weeks ago and I am looking for anyone who could give me some information on the recivery time and the success rate.  I am in alot of pain at the minute and am looking forward to getting back on my feet once again.

I look forward to anyone replying.

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Re: Elmsie Trillat Procedure
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2003, 10:47:42 PM »
Hi there Jam,

I absolutely know nothing about your procedure--but I'm sure others here do....but I wanted to welcome you to the board.  I hope that you get comfortable with us and find the support and help can caring that we all need with these knee issues.

2 weeks post op puts you in a pretty fragile category and I hope things are progressing according to plan.  I'm 4 weeks post op today and unfortunately, things are NOT going according to plan (ugh)

Anyway, it is great to have you here--be sure to check out the rest of the boards and  search the site a bit for more info.  Take care, Sylvia
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Re: Elmsie Trillat Procedure
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2003, 10:33:56 PM »

Just wanted to welcome you here!

I had another type of TTT but I know there are people here who had the Elmslie-Trillat. Look under the patellofemoral section.

Good luck! And once again welcome
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Re: Elmsie Trillat Procedure
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2003, 11:37:52 PM »
Hi Jam,

I had an Elmslie Trillat 3 months ago. You poor thing, the first couple of weeks are the worst, then it DOES get much better I promise!! i was in a lot of pain, especially when the blood rushes down your leg when you've had it elevated. Ow! Once that went it wasn't too bad.

I started physio 3 weeks post op and went 2x a week. I only did passive flexion work to start with to increase ROM. It does hurt to start with but the more you work at it the easier it gets. Painwise I've not really had anything bad for the last month or so, only when I started walking again without my brace. It was the calf muscle that really complained. That only lasted 2 days though. I'm now doing lots of muscle work to rebuild my quads which just diasppeared and strengthening stuff.

At 3 months now I'm full weight bearing without crutches and only a slight limp and am due to go back to work in the next couple of weeks. (It may not take you this long if you can sit down at work. I'm a infant school teacher and it's pretty hard going, lucky it's the school holidays at the mo!!)

I hope this helps and if you want to know anything else just give me a shout and I'll try and help. hope you are feeling ok
Best wishes
Jax x
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