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Author Topic: 2 dislocations now told need surgey  (Read 1022 times)

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2 dislocations now told need surgey
« on: October 08, 2008, 08:03:24 PM »

Firsty dislocated my right knee when I was about 14 and it went again in May of this year (now 32) (my kneecap came out to the outside of my knee both times)... in between these two times my kneecap has 'lifted' 100's of times and I have always managed to control this but have recently found out these were dislocations also.... saw my Doc on Friday and after wiggling around with 'my highly mobile' knee cap he has now said I need surgery which will involve 'borrowing' a tendon from lower down and placing this on the inside of my knee to hold my knee cap in place, he said this has about a 70-80% success rate... 

ok so now the Q's
*Does anyone have an idea on which surgery this is (have looked but it could be one of many)
*What is the generally recovery period for this
*obvious one but how much does it hurt

there was another obivous question but my head is swimming at the moment so sorry if I have been too full on... I shall leave now I think before I start to ramble...

thanks in anticipation

K xx

have also placed this is in the specialist section and it looks like the procedure will be mpfl reconstruction
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Re: 2 dislocations now told need surgey
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2008, 04:48:29 PM »
Hi there,
             I have dislocated my knee for 31yrs ouch!  So I feel your pain!  I just had sx 9 wks ago.  They loosend one ligament on one side of my knee and tightend one on the other, and also brought a muscle over the ligament to make it tighter.  They kind of packed my knee in sort of speak so it hopefully won't go out again.  It was called a lateral release/vmo imbrication.  You dislocated it only 2 times?  Have you been going to pt to strengthen it?  My MRI showed I had a shallow grove so nothing was really holding my knee in.  If you are uncomfortable in his decision always get a second opinion, and get as much information as you can.  This site is wonderful, and the people on here can help so much, and also lift your spirits when needed.  Just when you think nobody understands someone on here will, even if it's a different surgery.  Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Sending thoughts and wishes your way!

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Re: 2 dislocations now told need surgey
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2008, 08:59:22 PM »

There are quite a few procedures involving tendons which can help with an unstable kneecap. Maybe you should ask your doctor [precisely which procedure it is, including the medical name for the procedure and we can help you more.

I've had operations that involve moving tendons around but each one is different, so it really could be any number of things.

The pain from most surgery isn't usually that bad and can be controlled with pain relief. Whilst you are in hospitsl then if you are in pain at any time, let the staff know and then they can work out how much of which drug to give you to alleviate it. This way, you know how to carry on and with what dose when you get home also.

It's always a good idea to strengthen your knee first with physio regardless of whatever procedure you're having. Have you been given a date yet?

Laura xx
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