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Author Topic: Help Deciphering MRI Results  (Read 2310 times)

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Help Deciphering MRI Results
« on: October 07, 2008, 02:52:23 AM »
I came across this website and it seems very informative!  I am looking for some help deciphering my MRI results.  A little history:  47 years old, lifelong soccer player, acute ACL tear, had surgery for torn meninscus 18 years ago. 

I can figure out most of what the results say (already knew about the ACL and some of the arthritis comments) but the rest is greek to me.  The conclusion of the ortho was there was no new damage from the last time I was there (6 years ago) and recommended PT.  PT is going OK, but I'd really like to know a little more about what the rest of this says: 

-- mild intrasubstance degeneration involving the medial meniscus posterior horn without a discrete tear.  (I'm worried about the generation and the "without a discrete tear.")

-- patelloformoral compartment, mild/moderate arthritis manifest by periapical patellar chondral fissuring and thinkking with mild focal apial medial patellar subchondral fibrocystic change.  There is partial chondral thinning on the chondral surface of the central and medial femoral trochlea.  (I don't understand any of this, but I'm assuming it can't be good.) 

-- lateral compartment, mild posterior chondral irregularity and partial thinning.

-- small joint effusion

Impression says:  chronic ruprute of the ACL, mild/moderate patellofemoral an dmild/lateral compatrmental arthritis, and medial menisal instrasubstance degeneration without evidence of a tear. 

I'm not only concerned with how these findings affect me as an athlete, but how the arthritis will affect me as I grow older, and what my best strategy is for the future to ensure I'll be able to continue to be active and healthy.  Any comments and input will be greatly appreciated!