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Author Topic: swollen knee  (Read 957 times)

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swollen knee
« on: October 05, 2008, 04:15:58 PM »
Hi, just wondering if someone has any insight. I usualy post in the arthritis section or synvisc. But I'm not really sure where this goes. I dislocated my knee 20 years ago and chopped off most of my chondal. Over years I wore a quater inch hole in my condal and had ACI that did not work. I've had Pt, partical lateral miscus, condroplatey etc....
Anyways I coached soccer on Friday. Usualy I scrimmage with the kids but I wasn't needed to I walked around giving tips and helping out. I played the last 10 minutes of the game as kids left. My guad was sore pretty quickly and the back of my knee. I started limping around. I went home rested, ice, and advil. It was better but not great the next morning. I got up early to set up soccer fields, I then maned the info table and walked around the fields for probably 5 hours making sure all was all set( I am one of the VP's of the league this  is a normal saturday), I then had some help taking down fields (we do this because of kids ruin the nets). I then drove over to my teams game at another location. When that was over I helped take down that field. Ok so about 7 hours on soccer fields with maybe 1 hour of sitting. I was doing ok torwards the end I was noticing the stiffness and swelling. It did not hurt to bad. By night It looks like a large grapefruit it is tight like a vice is on it. Range of motion is not great. I get sharp pains for no apparent reason and it has given way a few times. I woke up with no change! Bending it is not good but I am doing it. I had 2 synvics injects a few weeks back (my second series), I did not have the 3rd because of some minor complications.
I am very active and very suprised this has happend considering these few days were not that bad. I was boxing for a few months and had no problems, play full soccer games with teenagers, walk, bike, hike etc. This is strange.
My calf is getting tight-I think because of the limping
right above my knee is were the most swelling and all of the lateral side, but the whole knee is swollen ingenral
The back of my knee is warm to touch and very sore, I believe my bakers cyst is reacting to whatever is going on.
I'm nor sure if my foot is cold but it does seem it.
Any comments would be great. I'm wondering if this could be a delayed reaction to the synvics.Thanks and sorry so long I tried to shorten it and be brief but factual.
dislocated patella and chopped off most of chondal 1985
chondroplasty/medial meniscus repair 1996
ACI  quater size defect-surgery failure
lateral meniscus repair2002
chondroplasty, lateral Meniscectomy2006
synvisc & orthovisc injections 2008/2009
drained and cortizone injection 2008