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Author Topic: knee dislocation  (Read 1044 times)

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knee dislocation
« on: October 05, 2008, 12:56:28 AM »
Hi there everyone,
Anyone in fact! If i get just one reply then I will feel so much better as i feel very isloated at the mo! I first dislocated my knee when I was 15, (now 35) and had a considerable amount of probs ever since with pains when weather cold and a few dislocations whereby the docs have said that its gone back into place on its own. I have never worn skirts since 15 as I have a real phobia attached as I remember the pain vividly. 3 weeks ago, first time out with friends for nearly a year my knee gave way on the dance floor in a club! The sickness I felt indicated clearly that i had done serious damage despite the vodka lol! Joking apart, I arrived at a&e to be told that me knee was still partially dislocated and the doc had 2 attempts at manipluating it back into place.....unfortunately I was told that it was unsuccessful and sent home with a leg brace and an appointment for a weeks time. Despite having a high pain threshold the pain as been unbearable at times i even had morphine from a friend who was recovering from a bone op but it never worked, a different pain from fully dislocating it as this time the pain is on the right of my knee (left leg) whereas before was the right from where the bone had stretched the muscles. I   was told 2 wks ago that there was too much fluid on the knee to say the extent of damage and told to return in 2 weeks which is this monday. It has taken over my life completely, I cant walk, sleep or rest and going insane to be honest. I was due to start Uni and had to drag myself in 2 weeks late and in agony as I was missing too much. I thought I was an expert in this field having had probs for 20 years but am left confused? When i went to fracture clinic fortnight ago they compared my knees and i was told that i had high riding knee caps and they thought it WAS back in yet i can not bend it more than slightly and feels like it is very unstable despite complete rest for nearly a month? My phobia is to the extent that I can not be examined without gas and air as i fear that they will dislocate it during it. Im an adult but feel completely vulnerable. What should I expect? I still have a swelling and considerable pain which their perscription of tramadol is not helping?? Please help someone????? Im am at the point where I would rather them op and sort as I am finding it a daily strain but i have found from internet research that ops frequently fail with numerous attempts required?

Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Re: knee dislocation
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2008, 11:03:28 AM »
Hi Paula,

Where abouts are you based ?

It doesn't sound like you have had the right advice to date. Complete rest is not the answer. One of the most important things is to get the swelling down and pain under control. It doesn't sound like the pain is under control at the moment.

You should never take medication prescribed for your friends.

As a first starting point I would go and see a physio that specialises in knees, especially patella problems. It is really important to build some strength around your knee. What treatment have you had in the past ?

I would suggest going to see a sports physician/doctor that can advise on the best types of treatment for your condition. GPs are a waste of time as they don't understand this condition very well.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. I've been suffering from patella problems for over 13 years, so know what it's like.
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