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Author Topic: Torn Meniscus???  (Read 1749 times)

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Torn Meniscus???
« on: September 28, 2008, 02:14:52 PM »
I was doing partial squats the other day 8 weeks post op from a TTT on my left knee when I heard something pop and I had significant pain behind the patella.  I have since seen my OS, and he said that he didn't think the TTT was seriously affected.  He said it was ok to walk, and I took my leg out of the brace and walked for almost two days.  I'm starting to think that this was somehow a new injury.

The most significant symptom is that my knee is locking in place when itís in a straight position.  If I try to bend my leg, I can actually feel some sort of tissue deep within my knee behind the patella that feels as if itís caught between two surfaces or is getting stuck on the lip of the bone somewhere going out of place.  If I move the knee very slowly, I can actually feel this lip of tissue slowly slip over the surface it is getting stuck on and then go into a rested position where it feels like no more force is on it.  Once this happens, I can actually bend my leg all the way without pain.  Also, there is a line of swelling / tenderness that parallels the front and top of the tibia behind the knee cap / patella at the joint line.  I was experiencing a lot of pain when I was walking with bending my knee, and the aching was present deep inside the front of the meeting between the tibia and the femur and was more pronounced with weight.  I also was experiencing popping / clicking during my last physical therapy session a few day ago deep inside the knee and it happened whenever I was trying to going from a straight knee to bended knee exercise.  Lastly, there is blotched bruising around the inside half of my knee (medial) around the tibia / femur joint line.

I'm scheduled to see my OS again on Wednesday, and I've done some research on this site.  I basically got that if my possible meniscus tear was serious enough to cause locking of the knee, that recovery would be quite impossible.  Has anyone had meniscus tears with symptoms like this and was able to return back to activities like running later without causing more damage?  How was the surgery / your recovery?  I'm really anxious about having to get another major knee surgery especially so close after my TTT.
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Re: Torn Meniscus???
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2008, 11:20:25 PM »

Your story sounds quite familiar, as far as the time frame and possible injury goes. I was 2 months post-op TTT/LR when i slipped getting out of the tub resulting in a torn MCL, bone bruise and possible meniscus tear. I am currently waiting for an MRI to check further for a meniscus tear. As far as your symptoms go, i don't have true locking, but my knee will catch quite frequently and release with a popping feeling/sound, i have a ton of medial pain focussed in one area, and persistent swelling along the medial joint line area, and like you i have alot of aching in the knee as well. There are very few meniscus tears that will actually heal on their own, but often times you will need an arthroscopy to remove or repair the tear depending where it is located. My OS has told me that we need to hope for a meniscus tear to show on the MRI as it will be the easiest thing to deal with as far as what could be going on in my knee. All the best with your OS appt on Wednesday; let us know how it goes!!

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Re: Torn Meniscus???
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2008, 02:41:02 PM »
I'm sorry you're having such a rough time, and this new injury is bound to slow down your recovery.

Meniscus tears are v easy to get, and v easy to put right! I'm currently waiting for op no:4, and will have had 2 meniscus ops on each leg in less than 3 yrs. The op itself is done under anasthetic as a day case. There is no real pain afterwards as the OS will inject plenty of local anasethetic into the joint during the op. You are usually up and around on crutches for a day or 2, and without crutches within 48hrs. Recovery is then pretty quick with 2 or 3 physio visits, although I'm not sure how that would impact on your 'other' recovery. Risk of complications is small, and swelling and bleeding into the joint are pretty minimal.

If you have true locking then your OS should really investigate this for you. Be warned - soft tissue injuries and the extent of meniscus tears on MRI scans do not necessarily give the surgeon a true picture of your discomfort. If this is really bothersome then ask for surgery. The reason I'm opting for op no:4 at present is because the pain I experience in my knee joint is compounded by a damaged nerve. It could be that your current recovery has hi-lighted this new injury and you would not normally be too bothered by it.

After the op there is no reason why you shouldn't return to running and exercise. However, do you run on roads or a machine??? Once a cartilage is damaged it will never be quite the same again! I've found lots of different ways to keep fit without impact sports playing a huge part.

Hope that helps - take care. k
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