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Author Topic: BL Release need another surgery at 15yrs?  (Read 841 times)

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BL Release need another surgery at 15yrs?
« on: September 27, 2008, 01:05:04 AM »
Hi im 15yrs old, and i have had a BLR release on both of my knees. on my right knee i had a BLR plus a cyst rmoved that was crushing my nerve. and on my left knee i had just a BLR. My right knee is OK, kinda it still givesot but its strong enough to use and pull my weight up (when i mount my horses (from the wrong side). My Left knee though is still weak and hurts, i can't even lay on my stomach because it urts my knee too much. i hate wearing jeans because any preassure hurts it. at night i use linament that i use on my horses (Absorbine) and an ice pack. my surgeon says he can do another surgery where he puts a piece of something in my knee to "relese pressure".What is this? and is it normal to have this pain a year after my surgery? (I have tried braces they worked for a whle, but now they hurt y left knee more when they are on then when i do not have them on. I have also had physical therapy, it did not help before OR after the surgery.)