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Author Topic: Re Post: I think my OS agrevated my tendon!  (Read 974 times)

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Re Post: I think my OS agrevated my tendon!
« on: August 10, 2003, 02:16:33 AM »
Hi Everyone, I posted this in the patella-femoral joint board but though I would post here to (in case some dont check all boards and I need all the suggestions I can get!)

Well at my OS visit on wednesday the OS and the fellow both played around with my knee and bent it everyway possible.  I wasnt able to work the next day but felt a little better yesterday and went for a day trip shopping and then to my friends boyfriends little girl (she was 3).  As some of you know I was up almost all night last night in really horrible pain.  Now trying to walk I get a very very sharp pain in the tendon region. and just lying down the tendon region (and an area above my kneecap) is aching badly.  I dont really now what I should be doing since my OS has pretty much dismissed me because he doesnt know what to do anymore.  My GP is just worthless and doenst really either accept or believe that my joint problems are as bad as I tell him they are.  Any suggestions on what I can do?  I iced last night and took 3 T3's and that only minimally dulled the pain.  I dont want to go to the ER with a problem like this since it is such a wait to get into see anyone and knowing my luck I will run into my old OS who I beleive is the one who set all the problems in motion.   Sorry to whine, its been a tough few days  


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Re: Re Post: I think my OS agrevated my tendon!
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2003, 04:00:05 AM »
Hey Stacey-

We already kinda talked about this on aim but.....

My ortho gave me lidocane patches a few weeks ago, and they do have an effect (after a few days) on tendon pain..for me atleast. Mine come in big sheets(like 3 x 3 inches) but you can cut them down to whatever shape and size you want. I actually over do it a bit more with them on(12 hours a day max) so you kinda have to watch yourself so you arent paying for it later.  In case your interested, heres a link to a thread about them, a few people were talking treating  tendonitus...;action=display;num=1058404149

Also, some people have talked about Iontophoresis for tendonitus, although I havent tried it.

Hope you get some relief really soon!!

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