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Author Topic: had afew acl replacments left knee, both knee v painfull getting worse  (Read 780 times)

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HI ..

I damaged my knee at he age of 20 some 22 yrs back, had open knee surgery late 80's having suffered  acl failure i spent some ten yrs without one, experience growing pains and unstable knee, at the time did not know that i was wearing it all away, after having further pains had another knee op replacing acl and further pad and cartridge work,all seemed okay for a few years  that was late nighties its failed again  having another installed in 2001.
 for a while it was pretty stable and only required to wear brace for heavy stuff, having spent many years on and off using knee braces etc which did reduce the amount of pain.

just a few months back had another tad of knee surgey which showed some wear and tear on cartridge with further trimming ,and some fibres on acl all this on left knee, my right knee has been used 50% more due to a weak left knee, both knee's are  painful often waking me up  like tonight, taking way to many painkillers ..which seem to offer much help..

what can i do to help reduce my pain, do i have other problems, is it normal for white dangly bits in the knee

 all this pain is starting to effect  my work,  effecting my attitude its getting worse every few months

have been taking glucosamine which seem to help join pain but now seem to do nothing

sorry sounding like such a wimp.

any pointers, help what to look out for etc.


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1996 ACL & PCL reconstruction  L
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2001 ACL/PCL replacement  L
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2011 awaiting PKR L knee
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