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Author Topic: What can I do for my knees  (Read 1121 times)

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What can I do for my knees
« on: August 27, 2008, 03:01:22 PM »
hello all.
I hope you may be able to help me, I'm 22 and have had knee pain since around december last year.
Hmmm, sorry im new, so I'm not sure where is best to start. Probably should say I havent seen a GP about this because I'm wondering if there is any point, I must admit I have a bit of a phobia about them and so am hoping there will be somthing I can do without medical help. Also my GP is worse than useless  in previous visits for other problems.
Anyway i'll stop rambling and get to it, the pain in my knees is pretty much there at all times with the exception of when I sit with my feet up on something. mostly its not too bad but if I stand still for over 10 mins they start to hurt but the worst is if i'm sitting still with my legs bent for more than 10 mins without moving them, its really bad and they get the feeling like they need to click if you know what I mean. The pain itself is mostly concentrated slightly above my knee cap and almost like it feels under my knee cap as well. walking (particularly upstairs) over a period of time also causes the pain to get worse.
Anyway I just wondered if anyone had any idea what might be wrong with my knees so I can be prepared before I go to the doctor as you have to pretty much tell him what to do or he doesnt do anything.
Oh also when I bend my knees if I have my hand over my knee cap I can feel a crunching kind of thing but this has always been the case so I dont know if its just normal and if I push my knee caps they move easily around and from side to side when my legs are straight and a little from side to side when my legs are bent.
I havent sustained any injuries to my knees I did have a metal frozen bread trolley fall on my lower legs when I was 18 and it has left a dent in my shin, I never saw a doctor about it and over time it stopped hurting, I dont think its relevent but I didnt want to miss something out, furthermore I have bad circulation and have been diagnosed with raynauds phenomenon (sorry about the spelling) but I dont know much about it as my consultation with my gp consisted of me describing symptoms then he gave me a piece of paper with it written on and told me to look it up on the internet. Again I dont think this is relevent but you never know. sorry I seem to have started to rant as well and have wondered off topic.
Anyway I think i've included everything I can think of, I hope someone can help.

Many thanks
Kath Bloom

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Re: What can I do for my knees
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2008, 03:29:30 PM »
Unless you have an HMO then skip the GP and go straight to an orthopedic surgeon. If your GP is that worthless then get another one and have them refer you to an orthopedic surgeon. They are the experts. Without that there's no way to tell you what's wrong with your knee. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in there that cause pain.

In the meantime, keep the muscles around your knee strong by biking and/or swimming.

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Re: What can I do for my knees
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2008, 04:49:41 PM »
Definately see an OS if you can get to one.  I've changed GPs over the years when they were not working out.  I too have a dent in my shin, a buddy of mine hit me with a 9 iron.  We were playing "hockey" with golf clubs, stupid yes, but we were 6 or 7 at the time.  It's still there, but does not bother me at all.  As for the knees there a a number of things that could be going on.  Get a doc to check it out.
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Re: What can I do for my knees
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2008, 01:07:10 AM »
i'm not a doctor, so i have no idea what's wrong with you, but your symptoms sound like mine (once upon a time). the original diagnosis was patello femoral disease (PFD). i'd lost the cartilage between the patella and the ball joint, so there was a lot of crunching, pain when i used the stairs, and pain under the knee cap and above the knee cap. i lived with it for years: maintained with cortisone shots when it got bad, like when one of my knees suddenly swelled up to the size of a basketball for no reason, took anti-inflammatories regularly, and underwent two double knee arthroscopies and a lateral release. eventually, but it was long after, i had knee replacement. PFD, if that's what you have, is degenerative. hopefully what you have is nothing at all, but get yourself checked out now, sooner rather than later, because there are things you can do to keep surgery at bay. for example, lift yourself up out of chairs with your hands rather than your knees, avoid stairs, use elevators, etc. go directly to an OS, get xrays, mri's, whatever it takes to get a diagnosis.