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Author Topic: What could this possibly be?  (Read 958 times)

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What could this possibly be?
« on: August 20, 2008, 08:43:36 PM »
I posted something similar in the specialist section. I'm hoping someone has some ideas here about what's going on with my knee. I've seen two reputable orthos, had a cortizone injection, 3 Supartz injections (2 to go), and an arthroscope that showed some stage II chondromalacia under the kneecap and a minor groove in the femur. The meniscus is very healthy, looks excellent, as do the ligaments. The doc said it's a pretty normal knee for a 35+ athlete (I'm a cyclist and runner).

As physical therapy, I've tried strength training and extremely intense massage to work out trigger points, fibrous adhesions, and stretching.

After the 'scope, it took about 2 or 3 months until I was about where I was pre-op. Since then I've made zero progress.

I'm struggling to believe this is all from the small fissure under the kneecap, and that it's not something else. So now here are my symptoms.

- Standing is the worst. It only takes 30 seconds from getting up in the morning before it starts to feel swollen, stiff, and heavy in the joint. I start to then stand with a slight bend in my leg. It feels harder to fully straighten/extend my leg.
- Sitting is completely comfy, no issues.
- It's never painful in ordinary use like walking, going up stairs, etc, just an annoying dullness.
- Going downstairs it feels like it is going to hurt, but doesn't. Just uncomfortable. It might pop/crack once.
- It pops a lot, especially if I sit, lift my leg and extend my knee.
- If I gently try to hyperextend the knee (or really just fully extend) when standing, there's a little pain in the joint, even though my kneecap is relaxed and I can wiggle it around easily.
- If I stand and flex my quads, it actually does hurt under the knee.
- It feels good after swimming, but bad after riding my bike (so I've stopped riding again, and no running since last year).
- If I do a hamstring stretch lying on my back, and then bend at the knee, the knee might crack and give a little shot of pain.

I'm really hoping someone can lend some ideas here. It seems to me that the fact that the symptoms are worse when standing when the kneecap isn't under pressure, that it's something other than chondromalacia, etc.