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Author Topic: 9 Months post-TTT, VMO and LR - still in pain! Help!  (Read 853 times)

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9 Months post-TTT, VMO and LR - still in pain! Help!
« on: August 18, 2008, 05:42:23 PM »
Hello all... I was hoping when I posted on here before that I'd be fixed by now, but I don't seem to be getting all that far with my recovery  :(

I've had the same surgery on both my knees after a nasty fall 18 months ago and recurrent dislocations on both afterwards - my first op was on the right knee in June 2007, and the left the following September. Obviously looking on the bright side, since my surgery the right knee has given me very few problems at all other than the painful recovery period for a few months, but the left hasn't been quite so successful.

I know I shouldn't be expecting miracles, but I have quite a high pain threshold and the right knee wasn't giving me anywhere near the sort of pain I'm experiencing at this stage of the recovery. I find I regularly feel considerable bone pain on my shin underneath the scars, which feels almost as though the leg is about to snap in two while I'm walking on it, and I've had a few subluxes of the patella which seem to be getting more and more frequent as time goes by. Add to this a constant feeling of cramp in the muscle above the knee and it makes it pretty difficult to get back to normal.

I've been lucky enough to have the surgery, and this isn't as bad as the dislocations almost every day that I had before the operation, but I don't know what to do. I saw my surgeon 6 weeks ago but he said to let him know if it gets worse, but how much worse should it get before I contact him again? Was I just lucky to have a perfect recovery the first time, or should I be concerned?

Another factor that's caused problems is that after over a year on 6+ dihydrocodeine a day for the pain, I ended up physically dependent on them, so in February this year I gave them up. However, the worse the pain gets, the more I feel I'm starting to need them to make it go away. I really don't want it to come to this since giving up opiates was incredibly difficult (and a complication of this knee business I hadn't bargained for!) and I'm not in a hurry to get addicted again!

Please help!