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Author Topic: Re: Gis Gis diary: 15 months post injury: I walked a mile! and hiked! I graduat  (Read 852 times)

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well well well. .. in may i could only walk 3/10 of  a after much determenation and PATIENCE to gradually build up so i didnt crack another bone from thin  bones...I am up to amile sucessfully and actually I walked a hair over a mile yesterday ANd guess what else???
I went hiking for the first the woods...over rocks.... it was soooooooo wonderful to get outside like that the weather was just perfect and i was with good friends  and we had a picnic and it was just perfect! I couldnt believe I was hiking it was surreal. I just kept thinking about all of the progress I have made and the p[ainful steps it tokk to get here and my husband said excitedly..." I think you are finally rehabilitated!" ...
I dont think its as good as its gonna get...i think as i continue to perservere I will progress more and more...I think I will be walking 5 miles one day!  and I cant wait! so it does get better guys and gals...take heart...just be determined...see your goal...see yourself walking a mile and crossing that marker... work towards that goal diligently and faithfully....practice in your mind..practice walking...visualize it well. hold onto that and push forward towards does take time and yes it is hard and painful and at times you WILL feel so frustrated and even depressed or angry or..ride out those emotions...they will pass...and keep pushing forward one step at a time but you gotta keep setting small attainable goals..
for me it was 1/10 of a mile at a time. I have been canoeing, i have worked up to a whole mile straight, I can walk up small hills, I can walk through wal marts without an electric cart, I danced at my sons wedding, I have worn dress shoes once for that same occassion, I got on my bicycle for the first time( albeit I havent done it since but I did overcome my fear)
I can finally use the eliptical machine...(for about five minutes but I will build up there too!) and now..I have hiked through the woods..that was my goal I set back in June ...if you look back through my posts i said there was a nice wooded trail about half a was a mile!..I did it goal was to hike it by August... I did it!!!
So, see, set small goals and dont give up on soon as you achieve them..set another one right away!
You CAN do it!
I may check in from time to time but In wont be posting as much as I use to because I am a busy gal now going here and there and getting my life back finally! I do wish the best for each of you and appreciate the support I was given along the way and Im not bailing out of here I have just graduated thats all. I waited a long time to get my life back..since May 3rd 2007 10:30 pm
now I have alot of goals to continue to set  achieve so when you dont hear from me..just know that I am " Pushing forward!"...thats my one motto I have lived by and seen it imprinted in my brain..thats the one piece of advice I leave behind to everyone! ...
when i do visit again I hope to read of more wonderful accounts of progress from each of you!
Keep stepping on!
be patient!
be proud of every single improvement..relish in them no matter how small they are
no matter what........keep pushing forward
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5/3/07 fell  fratured L patella with displacment
5/4/07 surgery 2 pins, basket
9/07 DX RSd L foot due to immoblization
9/07 Podaitrist DX L foot sinus tarsi syndrome
1/8/08 hardware removal
2/8/08 cleared to resume exercise for knee
2/8/08  fractured tibia at ankle
2/18/08 DX fracture & RSD
08/18/08  canoed, walk a mile, biked, hiked a mile!