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Author Topic: Patellar Tendinosis treatment Trial -- Injection of tenocytes  (Read 953 times)

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Patellar Tendinosis treatment Trial -- Injection of tenocytes
« on: August 13, 2008, 10:11:16 PM »
This may be of interest to others:

I've been prescribed treatment for patellar tendiosis.  I was expecting ABI, but offered a place in a trial which injects both blood and autologous tenocytes.  The tenocytes (baby tendon cells) are grown from a very small sample of my skin, taken from my hip and cultured in a lab in Austria.

It's cutting edge stuff.  If I heard right, this is a world first.  Due to the experimental nature of the test 50% of the participants will get tenocytes and the remainder simply ABI.  No one will know which sample they are in until it is over! 

The full process will take 13 months.

The trial is being conducted by Dr. David Connell of RNOH Stanmore and 136 Harley Street.  He is working with the lab in Austria (Innovacell) and is still looking for volunteers.  The criteria is having refractory (doesn't repond to other treatments) tendinosis which has been verified by MRI.

If you are interested, email to Janice Wylie - Janice Wylie [[email protected]]