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Author Topic: SURGICAL DISASTER  (Read 6175 times)

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« Reply #30 on: August 14, 2008, 02:15:28 PM »
Ok, From my point of view i was led to understand from watching ops on video in the consultation that immediately after coming round from the op that i should be bending my knee 70 percent and be exercising/physio the joint from then on and spending only a couple of weeks on crutches.
This might be due to the fact that your ligament now has to heal. I don't know the protocol for that sort of thing but I'm sure it has complicated matters.

I have a 10 inch scar and find it hard to believe that an experienced surgeon could'nt see a big white ligament and managed to slice said perfectly good ligament.
Again, it's not as pretty in there as it looks in the pictures. Ligaments aren't that big. I do urge you to ask the doctor how it happened.

I have no idea what people are talking about when they say some surgeons do away with ligaments, as i'm fairly sure they are precisely what is holding the knee together.
Here's a web page that will explain that. It all depends on what kind of prosthesis is used. In your case you might have been better off with a different type where you wouldn't need that ligament.

I have calmed down slightly and i am not as wound up by the fact this turned into a full knee op, although this was not down to the state of my knee but by the fact he messed up to start with and did the full knee as he had to operate from the otherside of the knee circumventing the possibility of a half knee.

Again, get the facts. Your first post said your knee was worse than expected. If that is the case you may well have needed a total knee anyway. I don't really see how cutting a ligament could change the state of your bones.

I'm a builder and i have to work as i'm not retired yet, a minimum of 10 weeks out of action is a nightmare, and i can't emphasise that enough. I'd planned for 4 weeks out and then at least being in a position to drive and organise jobs.
Hate to tell you, but if you're doing manual labor you likely couldn't have returned to work in four weeks even with a partial knee. I know I couldn't have based on experience. And my PKR went perfectly. It would have easily been three months before I could do any manual labor. And I still can't kneel after 18 months and I never will.  Joint replacements take at least a year to heal, even with a good outcome. These things rarely happen the way surgeons tell you they will. They usually give you the best case scenario.