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Author Topic: Legs a bit messed up!! deep peroneal nerve damage and injury history  (Read 948 times)

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hey folks, I'm new on here but wish i'd found this earlier on in my rehab.

a little history...

skiing in january for the first time and got a bit over-confident. ended up with injuries stated below!! not good!!

had operation 3 hours after being airlifted off the mountain to insert a substantial titanium rod and pins into my left femur. doctors were amazed at the severity of the breaks!!

flew back to UK 10 days later where I had an MRI on my right knee and doctors confirmed I had ruptured all four my ligaments. operation went well to reconstruct the LCL using a graft from my hamstring. Confirmation of a large stretching of my peroneal nerve (the cause of the numbness and foot drop)

operating table 8 weeks later for ACL, PCL reconstruction but under general consultant decided not to operate. (been told since that this is a good thing as the knee will be stronger being allowed to heel by itself)

so was in a wheelchair for 4 months in total and then fully weight bearing on my right leg. left leg was partial weight bearing up until 6 weeks ago and am already down to one crutch.

just had some nerve conduction tests and EMG to test peroneal nerves and muscle function in my right leg (weird experience).
results tbc but looking like i have some serious damage to my deep peroneal nerve controlling dorsiflex and extensor muscles. I had no response when trying to activate the tibialis muscle group fed by the deep peroneal.

Questions -1. if i have some sensation returning to my foot but no motor functions as of yet will the consultant consider operating? it's been over 6 months now and i've not been able to even get a twitch from my foot (no dorsiflexing).
2. has anyone had a successful rehab of a stretched deep peroneal nerve?
3. what are the main options for surgery?
4. I'm currently wearing a carbon blue rocker orthotic support but find that it can be uncomfortable - does anyone have any suggestions for a comfortable orthotic support which may be more comfortable
Accident 11/01/2008 - ski jump goes badly wrong!!
left leg - smashed femur - the x-rays are awesome!!
right leg - dislocated knee - ACL, PCL, medial and Postlateral ligament ruptures. Foot drop from peroneal nerve stretching.

recovery coming on well. just wish i'd found this site sooner!!