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Author Topic: hyalgan injections  (Read 731 times)

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hyalgan injections
« on: December 27, 2010, 01:31:50 PM »

I'm new to kneeguru and wish I'd come across it sooner - might have saved a lot of time & pain over the last 12 months!
I'm wondering what people's experiences are of hyalgan injections. I had an arthroscopy in March, it was all supposed to have been straight forward and although they thought they might have to do a lateral release &/or medial plication to get my right knee cap back into place, in the end they polished behind the kneecap and tidied up the cartilage and decided that there was enough movement in the knee again (it was liked it had locked solid prior to the surgery, possibly beacuse of muscle wastage and muscle spasm) and that physio would then be the way forward.
Unfortunately the plan hasn't worked and after months and months of physio, hydro, injection into the knee (anti-inflam & painkiller), more hydro and more physio and acupuncture through the physio - I'm now in the postion that I've been told I have to have a partial knee replacement. However the consultant mentioned hyalgan injections to me. He's not too convinced that they'll solve things - as in give me enough window of opportunity to get muscle built up to see if the knee cap will move to where it should be - but there's always an outside chance.

I'm feeling a bit like a rabbit in headlights with it all. Yes I want to get some form of normal life back and even better get back into sport but if I have the injection I've been told I'd then have to wait 6 months before I could have surgery to minimise any risk of infection from having had a needle in my knee. All the injections will take 2 months to get through so plus then the 6 months, that's another 8 months of limping around, pain, a burning knee etc.
But the voice in my head says 'what if it works? You might avoid surgery for awhile longer - and it's not pleasant surgery!'.

Anyway in the mean time I'm devising my own super micro exercise prog of bits in the swimmimng pool, 2 power plates exercises and tiny bits at home.
Thanks in advance - apologies about the long first post!