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Author Topic: Gi Gis diary: almost 15 months post injury: new goals!I Rode my bike!  (Read 18108 times)

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July 2nd 2008 - well since my canoe mishaps i have calmed down a bit....BUT I  have progressed in walking to 4/10ths of a mile straight in a row...from 1/10th in a bout a month i next goal was half a mile by august 1st...i think i just might make it for sure! awesome!...then theres a great little trail thats half a mile i want to go to..thats what i am waiting on....not really what I am REALLy waiting onis getting back on my bike i miss so much!...but that wont be this year probably...but one day...... Right now i am just totally enjoying walking a matter of i went to wal mart...and DIDNT have to get one of those electric buggies and it was like this epiphany...after i was done shopping I was coming oout of the restroom and it snapped into my brain..." WOah...i just walked through wal mart without a buggy ride!"...thats the first time in 14 months!!!!!!! and didnt even realize what i was doing until if was OVER.....ha! I really gotta be more observant to my own progress dont ya think?

July 22,2008 Well at last I finally reached a new goal: I got on my bike! I started out just in my yard with my husband holding on to the bike then he made me go out into the street and try it there .I wobbled like a kid just learning to ride a bike and my husband never left my side holding onto my bike in case I lost my balance or had to stop suddenly. Nevertheless, I did it and it felt good to overcome my fear. I have a long way to go before I will be ready for a a bike-a-thon or even a hill but that was not what I was after. I just wanted the satisfaction of knowing I sat on that bike again and tried it despite my fear of falling and fear of pain. So all I can say is: “ Ta-Da! I did it!” And oh, by the way I have progressed to walking a half a mile straight in a row SO, now I can walk that half a mile trail I have been waiting on. Now, I have a half a mile routes mapped out all over town so I can change it up and keep things as exciting as possible. My new goal is to add some hills into my half a mile walk and to walk straight for one mile. It really is all about keeping goals in mind, accomplishing them and moving on to a new goal. It is such great incentive to keep progressing forward. Yes, it has taken me almost 15 months but 15 months ago I couldn’t walk at all. For that matter, just a couple of months ago I still couldn’t really walk. So I am more than thrilled at my new abilities!