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Author Topic: Pinching pain behind knee  (Read 5760 times)

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Pinching pain behind knee
« on: July 14, 2008, 09:01:17 PM »
HI -I am hoping someone can suggest a diagnosis for a knee problem I have had for a while.  It started about 7 weeks ago with some mild aching pains in my right calf and thigh. These pain travelled behing the knee and seemed to follow the path of the veins in the back of the knee.  The veins were also enlarged.  I have a pinching pain behind the knee on the inside of it and I can pinpoint it exactly. Just below this it feels as if I am rubbing some very small pins into my knee when I brush my fingers over it.

The pain worsens when walking or standing but not when cylcing etc.  Recently I have had a similar pain in my left knee as well.

I have seen the Dr.3 times and he says there is no risk of claudication or DVT and suggests it's light tissue damage.  He has referred me to a physio and has given me exercises to do in the meantime as my hams are very tight apparently. When rested the pain goes - especially when the legs are elevated.

I'm otherwise healthy, 29 yr old, non smoker, not very active though but not overweight. 5'8" 10 and half stone.

The only other symptons I've had are tired legs after standing and walking and occasional pain in the top of the right foot - mainly on waking.

Any help or suggestions are most welcome.
Thanks in advance.