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Author Topic: full report on my injury and op report  (Read 982 times)

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full report on my injury and op report
« on: July 13, 2008, 10:19:45 PM »

i recently had an op on my right knee for on and off pain (stopped me running but cold happliy walk around all day long). anyhow all ligamints and cartlidge are perfect except a 2cm island(worn away to bone) on the Articular cartilage where there is an ulcer. the surgeon said its more than likley an injury i did in the past. He removed debry from the area. He said i can continue to play sport and lead a normal life its just i will have some slight pain from the knee when working it for long peroids. He said the pain will be a minor inconvaince and shouldnt rule my life or anything. He is going to keep an eye on it with MRIs and if it does cause me to much grief explore other posibilities. I have look into ACI and to be truthful at this point in my life (27) i dont want to be bed ridden. I am going to give up impact sports anyway and take up cycling. I asked him out right if i needed a TKR at the start and he said i was a million miles away from needing that.
He showed my on the xray where the island is and its more face on than inbetween the joint if that makes scence.

My question is has anyone else carried on with life with the above type of injury and chosen not to go down the ACI OATS route and happily got by. I asked the surgeon if i could lead a semi normal life and he said you could lead a normal life not a semi.

A lot of the infomation on net if i am reading it properly its very doom and gloom and points to TKR with any kind of AC defect.

many thanks

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Re: full report on my injury and op report
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2008, 06:00:54 AM »
Hey i had similar to what you have. I had the island as you call it on my knee cap it was about 1.5 cm (you think it seems sooo tiny but when you look at how big your knee cap is its crazy!)  Well I had the whole pain thing for quite a few years. I had done the damage by dislocating my knee when I was younger, it just would do it whenever it felt like it. I had pain for quite awhile; I tried to deal with it without surgery for 4 years and then I had 4 surgeries to help with the damage, the basic arthoscopic clean up stuff. The pain just got worse and worse so after much consideration I did have the oats procedure. I have had great success with that surgery, I can walk a lot more and do a lot of stuff I could not do because I was always in bed in pain. I would have to say its your choice in the end to go ahead with the surgery or live a normal life, I am just telling you my story. I would suggest just seeing how it is without the surgery, you can always get epidurals into your back or cortisone shots to help with pain. Do the research on the surgery it is quite an interesting surgery believe me. But as any doctor will tell you Surgeries are never a guarantee that they will work the way you want. If you have any questions just message me back!


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