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Author Topic: 4 Months Post-op ACL # 2 Struggeling!!!  (Read 1211 times)

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4 Months Post-op ACL # 2 Struggeling!!!
« on: September 03, 2008, 07:59:13 PM »
4 months post-op and until last month I was feeling great.  I was riding the road bike about 35 miles/week and ended PT and started going to the gym.  This is where my problems started.

I started noticing that during flextion and extenstion i was having some pain, which brought me into the doc's office and he diagnoised me with chondromalacia...Started PT up again to regain proper tracking of the knee cap.  After a month of rehab, stretching and slight strengthing still no real improvement.

I am still having alot of pain on medial tibia portion during extension.
Slight clicking during flextion
During stair squats I feel little sharp pains under kneecap
Occasionally during extension I feel my knee pop into place when light pressure is applied.

All these problems have made me think about issues that may be occuring with the graft, fixation of graft, cartiledge, meniscus.  An initail conversation with the doc, he mentioned removing the hardware which seems Very problematic in my mind.  Could this be just a part of the healing process? Should I get an MRI...would it show anything useful? (Doc said my ACL seems very strong).  Any suggestions on topical steriods?  Indophoresis?  Thankful in advance for any help or suggestions.