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Author Topic: anyone know about nerve stimulator implants??  (Read 842 times)

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anyone know about nerve stimulator implants??
« on: July 09, 2008, 01:06:44 PM »

I've had great support from you all over the past 12 months following a knee injury that resulted in permanent damage to my common peroneal nerve in my lower left leg. I've gone through all the pain management review process and I am currently under the care of a local pain clinic (meds and acupuncture) and a specialist pain clinic. It's the specialist clinic that have put me on their list for a nerve stimulator implant, and I am due this process later in the year. I was given a brief outline of what to expect, and an internet address - but no written literature that I can refer to. Even my local pain doc hasn't seen one of the peripheral nerve stimulators in action.

I was specifically told that the implant would go just around the damaged nerve in my leg. I would then remain in hospital for around 7-10 days while the gadget is programmed and everyone is happy that it is benefiting me, at which point I have another op to feed the wires through my leg and into my abdomen and the internal computer is placed in my abdomen. So - from the outside no one will know it's there! Clever stuff if it works.

Have any of you ever been offered a spinal cord stimulator or a peripheral nerve stimulator - and can you tell me where I can get more info??

Cheers - K
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