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Author Topic: Surgery for bone cyst in patella?  (Read 799 times)

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Surgery for bone cyst in patella?
« on: July 08, 2008, 11:46:17 PM »
I went for a second opinion today.  Have a bone cyst in my patella (kneecap) that has basically rubbed on my cartilage to cause damage to the meniscus.  Both the cyst and resultant cartilage damage have caused pain for quite awhile.  Second doc has suggested surgery has 65% chance of success.  Without it the situation will remain unchanged - probably no worse, but definitely not better.  Career in Air Force is in jeopardy.  Surgeon has said he could clean out cyst, create blood flow into it which would creat healthy clot that would coagulate and fill it with stem cells (naturallly) and rebuild marrow and bone.  So, the cyst could be filled in.  He would then clean up the cartilage damage and he says it would not be good as new, but would feel better.  Surgery would be done arthrocopically, but would still have to be on crutches 4-6 weeks and full recovery and PT would take 4-6 months.  Has anyone heard of a similar problem?  Similar surgery?  Any feedback?  Don't want to create more problems by having surgery but would like to be able to be active without pain.  Worth the gamble?  Thank you.