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Author Topic: re is it possible to get too much cortisone injected in knee?/ortho surg recomen  (Read 776 times)

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hi, this may be a dumb question but i have articular cartlidge damage.  i had an injection of cortisone a couple of months ago by my ortho surgeon (i lived on the west coast). just moved here and got in with a new ortho surgeon. he gave me another injection of cortisone this week. i said i was struggling with the pain and can't have any surgery till the end of the year.  i have never had any pain in my knee (except of course as it was being injected by the phsyician) that lasted. my knee at the injection site is still hurting quite a bit. i was suprised he gave me more cortisone considering i just had it a couple of months ago.  but the damage is done. i won't have any more cortisone. like i said surgery will take place but not to the end of the year.
any ideas why this might be hurting? too much cortisone in my knee now or what? i'm a bit anxious about this.  generally my knee quiets down for awhile after cortisone shots atleast until i try to run for the bus or something.  thanks for any advice you can give. 
and last, i realize i'll get a bunch of different answers but . . . as a newbie to the area. any recommendations of great ortho surgeons who specialize in complicated knee issues in the dc area? or at the hospital for special surgery in nyc? 
thanks for any advice!

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I wouldn't be worried about the spacing of the injections, generally you should be worried if the spacing if less than a month. 

It is not uncommon to have increased pain following a cortisone injection.  In some people, the cortisone solution will crystalize and the crystals will irritate the tissues.  This generally should go away in a week or so. 
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