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Author Topic: Slipped and knee cap moved for a few seconds, any help is appreciated  (Read 860 times)

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I知 hoping someone can help me until I see a doctor in a couple of weeks. I slipped on a wet floor 2 weeks ago and my knee cap went to the outside for a few seconds and then went back in. I知 not sure exactly how as this all happened in a matter of seconds. I was out shopping with my 3 children alone so I got up, limped out and drove home.

Since then my knee has been very sore, sort of weak feeling and achy, but no real pain though. It did initially get swollen, but it has gone down a lot. It has not gone out of place again and my knee cap seems to be in normal position.  I知 trying to rest it, but with 3 young kids, a dog, a husband and a full time job it has not been easy. I have been limping around and trying to rest when I can. I can walk, but more slowly than usual as I知 a fast walker.

Oddly the bottom of my feet, calves and other leg are killing me. I guess I知 trying to keep as much pressure of my bad knee so I知 over using the other parts make any sense?

Any advice on how to best heal myself would be greatly appreciated. How long does this take to heal? Can I buy some sort of knee support to help? I知 seeing a doctor in a couple of weeks, but would like to do what I can myself.

Thanks so much