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Author Topic: KNEE DOCTOR ON EAST COAST that deals with complex knee problems-  (Read 2285 times)

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Does anybody know a  knee doctor on the east coast, possibly one that did a residency under Dr. Frank Noyes??  I'm looking for one who deals with complex knee cases.  I have had 9 knee surgeries, the last being a TKR 1 1/2 years ago.  I am still in incredible pain.  I know I have Arthrofibrosis, Patella Baja, Chrondromalacia, etc.  My knee is beginning to swell and is becoming more painful.  Is this to be concerned about??  I have not had the swelling before.

I live in VA, and have traveled to Cincinnati for over 2 years to see Dr. Noyes.  I would just like to find someone a little closer if at all possible, although his staff is fabulous!!
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You might want to be more specific. The "east coast" is about 2500 miles long.

There's really no way to choose the "best" doctor because there really is no way to determine such a thing. It's very subjective and a matter of opinion in most cases. There are a lot of "best" doctors out there. I have one of the best now.

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I would agree. I too feel that I had the best!
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Does anybody know a top knee doctor on the east coast, possibly one that did a resisdency under Dr. Frank Noyes??
That is hard to say as I thought I had the best and most people do. He came highly recommended and he is the OS for a lot of famous ball teams and yet after two years of strugging I have a failed knee replacement that he did, and until now he hasn't owned up to it, but I had everything ruled out and three other doctors will confirm that is my problem and he can't pass the buck anymore.
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Left knee (arthroscopy)
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Hello saundersms

You do indeed have a very complex knee and need an OS who has significant experience with TKR and the other issues you have in particular arthrofibrosis, and pattella baja. It's highly unlikely that a sports medicine OS or one who deals with the local sports teams will have that sort of experience. Dr. Noyes is one of the best for such complicated cases.

It's extremely important that you see an OS who has significant experience with TKR because one without such experience the OS may not recognize some of the subtle causes of TKR failure such as a too large or rotated prosthetic, lingering infection, or allergies to the metal component or cement.
I don't know of any OS of the east coast who have the same experience and track record as Dr. Noyes.
Have you spoken to his clinic to see if they have a recommendation for someone closer to you?

A woman who goes by Starpolisher (Patty) recently had surgery with Dr. Edwin Su at the Hostpital for Special Surgery in New York. She also has a very complex knee history including TKR and arthrofibrosis. Dr. Su felt that Patty's arthrofibrosis problem may be related to an allergy to the cement used to hold the prosthesis in place. He did a special blood test which showed sensitivity to the cement. Patty had a TKR revision without cement and although she's still pretty early post-op, she's doing far better than how she was at the same point following her prior TKR.

I hope you find an OS who can help you.

Best wishes,


PS-- You may want to try posting down in a couple other sections, specifically the Soft tissue healing problems--arthrofibrosis and Knee arthritis-- total knee replacement.

And, here's a link to the Community Hub section of arthrofibrosis.:

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« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2008, 09:46:10 PM »
I've heard a lot of good things about Dr. Martin at Wake Forest.  He is in their sports medicine department.  He was one of the three doctors mentioned who could have operated on my complex knee instability the others being Dr. Noyes, and Dr. Albright who did my surgery. 
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