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Author Topic: continuing knee pain/ post-surgrery  (Read 1462 times)

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continuing knee pain/ post-surgrery
« on: July 02, 2008, 03:53:58 PM »
First, I'll start with some background. My knee problems began in Aug 2000 when I dislocated my patella playing volleyball on a wet field. The first doctor I saw said it was patella dislocation with a slight meniscus tear. He did no MRI. In Oct 2000 I went for a second opinion to the noted Dr. Lemack at Healthsouth Clinic at UAB in Birmingham, AL. He disagreed with the meniscus tear but did no MRI. He said it would be fine in time. In 2002/3 I went to another orthopedic when pain continued. He did an MRI, but found nothing and would not recommend scoping it yet.

In NOV 2007, I was playing with some kids and shot a free throw when I heard/felt something on the back of my knee. I was a sharp pain. I also had been having my knee get caught and popl loud 100s of times a day. I went to the first of the three OS drs that I mentioned above again. He did an MRI and found cartliage fragments. He said he could scope and clean out my knee and I'd be back in a few weeks. On Dec 21, 07 I had the surgery. He found 6 pieces in my knee and cleaned them up. He as puzzled by my knee. He said that part of the socket was missing. He said it looked like someone had hit my knee with a hammer on the back of it to cause the damage. Nothing ever happened other than the pain I felt shooing a free throw.

I began rehab dec 30 and worked hard a PT until mid march. Then I continued the exercises in my local gym thru May. I began jumping again training in vball in april. I was able to lift over time as much as ever. There was some pain all over when I lifted, but nothing much.

After playing 9 hours on it in that tourney may 10 and 5-6 hours on may 26, I had lots of swelling on both knees. I had to go back to the OS early june. After an X ray on my right knee, He didn't want to drain them. He said I have some arthritis in my knees and my right knee seems to have a bone spur under the knee cap. He gave me a steroid shot in each knee. The swelling went down and is still down today; however, the pain in my right knee is worse than ever. And I can't do 1/4 of the weights that I was before during rehab. The pain in at about a 15 degree angle as I bend my knee and on the back.

I am 33 yo and still trying to play competitive volleyball. I have been able to play, but the next few days the pain is bad. What could be causing this. The OS recommended me quit playing vball and basketball. I'm not ready to retire yet. If anyone has any experience with this, maybe there's something they're overlooking.  It feels like it did before my surgery - like I was hit in the back of the knee.  Do you think something may have broken off again? What would cause that? please help....

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Re: continuing knee pain/ post-surgrery
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2008, 01:24:40 AM »
Hey Vballspiker,

I am having a deja vu moment... Have you had a recent MRI again?  I have found that over the years.. if you aren't assertive as to what you want from an MD... they will do the least amount.  Explain in detail how your knee pain is effecting your quality of life... ADL's (activity of daily living). I use to be very active... played vball, bball, softball, downhill skiing, backpacking... none of which I am able to do any longer.  Biking on a flat surface and swimming is just tolerable.  Good luck.

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