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Author Topic: Need some advice please  (Read 801 times)

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Need some advice please
« on: February 05, 2009, 09:29:10 PM »
Hi all,

  Some of you may remember me from about 5-6 years ago when I had PCL recon among a number of other problems with my knee. After quite a long stretch, things got better and I was able to actually get going with my life and start bowling again and running with my kids.

  The thing that brings me back here is the same knee yet again. On Christmas eve, I had a fall from a ladder after clearing the snow off my roof (darn moble homes and their wierd angles make a roof rake impossible to use). I landed on the reconstructed leg and the knee kind of bowed out to the side. After some rest and anti-inflamatories, it stopped hurting and I went on with every day life. Part of this included me going back to bowling (my true love) and was doing quite well.

  Last night while bowling, as I released the ball at the line, my knee kind of gave out going forward and to the right (btw the knee that had the recon is my right one and my sliding foot for those of you that know bowling). At first I thought nothing of it since I had worked all day. Unfortunately the knee gave out 3-4 more times during the course of a game and a 1/2. When I got home it hurt like heck, but there was no swelling. I took some motrin to help with the pain and protect against any possible swelling.

  Waking up this morning, the knee still hurt, but not quite as much. There seems to be some give in the knee as when I go to go up stairs, it hurts like a son of a gun to put pressure on it and seems to want to move forward with minimal stability on the sides.

  I'm wondering since I dont have insurance to cover seeing a DR, would it be wise to just buy a knee brace to see if that will help alleviate some of the issues, or go ahead and bite the bullet and find a Dr. that will take payments.
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Re: Need some advice please
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2009, 08:44:54 PM »
I would definitely consider using a soft knee brace so that your knee doesn't totally give out and pop the whole tendon.  You may have overstretched it and if you could hold it in place better it may heal on its own. It wouldn't hurt for sure. I wore a soft brace for a year prior to Menicus surgery, It was the only thing that keep my knee from giving way. I am no Dr but I would try it.
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