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Author Topic: Blindfolded looking for help!  (Read 2424 times)

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Re: Blindfolded looking for help!
« Reply #15 on: June 08, 2008, 06:40:50 PM »
Hi Tanya and Nettan,

Thanks for your replies.  I have GREAT news!  I have regained motor control of my hamstrings! They have woken up and finally i can locate them and signal them to cotract w/out any time delays or misfiring.  THEN, my inner thighs woke up, aactually they progressed the fastest and last wekk my outer thigs woke up, they are still so weak, but my brain picked up on the motor control pretty quick there, it only took a few days of pressing the muscle and sending the signal there to get it back.  The last couple of days the msucle that you use to walk (just below hip bone, deep inside) started firing but is not connecting whatsoever to my quad. it is still just a dead stick. i was totally stoked and tried putting about 5-10 lbs on my rt leg while on my crutches and my leg buckled right away.. oh well..

SO i had my new OS app't. He was so nice.  i tried whizzing through the details about what happened to me  since the first OS siad he wasn't interested to know, and he stopped me right away and asked for details!!!  He was super nice. listened to me, even said hello to me!  He pressed on my inner side of patella-plica and i literally jumped out of my skin in PAIN.  I told him about the purple foot and how the first OS thought i had RSD and wanted to send me to a pain clinic and get a bone scan (which i refused).  THis new OS gave a rather funny look at me and said 'you definitely don't have RSD' !!!  He confirmed what my suspicions were (about the purple leg) and indeed it was from having the leg immobile for soooo long the calf muscle stops pumping blood back up to the heart and it pools creating a purple foot, leg, knee, etc.  He said it would eventually go away the more i use the leg and once i start walking again.  Before i saw him, i did an experiment (now that i have motor control of the calf muscle). I stand up and continuously flexed my calf muscle as long as i could (4-5min) and my foot, toes, leg stayed normal colour.  Then another time i stood and didn't do anything- it turns purple quickly.- then i started the calf exercises but it took a long while to change back to the right colour, but it eventualllly went to normally except for the toes a bit red.  INTeresting stuff huh??  That is when i knew it had to do with circulation and my venous blood not being pumpbed back up the leg...

NEXT he told me i definitely have 'PLica Syndrome".  HE said it is rare that an MRI would show or report a plica problem. that normally it would be reported in a scope or such, but mine was enlarged enough to see it clearly. In really life it is so ugly my knee cap looks 6 feet protruding outward! (imagine how that feels to bend my leg - talk about ripping my skin apart)  Basically if the first OS would have read my report on my symptoms and what happened to me, it was all there clinically reported: the medial patella pain, the pain above knee cap (patella-femoral), the clicking noise my knee started making all the time, my leg giving way even when i still had quad muscle, etc.

He told me to start physio (i have a new one now- starts on tues- b/c the other one was too inexperienced and was trying to make me do things that i clearly could not and should not have been doing). i cannot do any squat type movements (funny i never could do them well as it used to cause a dull pain just above and behind my knee).  The new OS said if in 4 months i still have swelling and pain there that means the plica has not calmed down and is still irritating my other bones (synovial/femur?) and he will 'scope' it and cut the whole thing out!  YIKES! Surgery!! ummm... uhhhh...

It's already been since feb. now another 4 mos. then wait for surgery, then probalbly another 5-6 months to full recovery... ergg.. or would it cause other complications...

It is nice to know exactly what is wrong. The only thing left unexplained is why my knee only gets super swollen ONLY in the area above my knee cap (where my quad muscle starts) when i am upright (with no weight on the leg whatsoever), but not anywhere else really.  I would expect the area the new OS pressed into where it hurts for THAT area to swell up but it doesnt.  Even after i exercise my knee and move and bend it manually each night it doesnt' really swell much, it gets a bit hot, but ice takes it away in minutes. 

I do trust your words as i have read about what has happened to you and some of your other posts.  It is nice to be able to share this with others and even give advice to others as you both do.  I always wonder though with anyone's case- is surgery the best option or not?  I truly hope i do not have to have surgery. Thanks for reading this.

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Re: Blindfolded looking for help!
« Reply #16 on: June 09, 2008, 01:01:31 PM »
Hi Soleil,
Im so glad you got a proper diagnosis and have done so well regaining use of your muscles. The rest of it will come. I hope you can avoid a surgery and get back to new with conservative treatment - you are doing very welll so far, you are very good to come back with an update!
Best of luck with it - stick around here and let us know how you are doing.
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Oct 2007 - VMO woke up
Mar 2008 - big quads, still dislocating
Apr 2008 - next OS app

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Re: Blindfolded looking for help!
« Reply #17 on: June 09, 2008, 04:30:05 PM »
Happy to hear that you don't have RSD. Hopefully the knee will settle down with time.
Where swelling is, doesn't have to be where pain is and vicer versa.
Wish you the best with your upcoming PT.
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