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Author Topic: Recovery from Grade 6 Tibial Plateau Fracture  (Read 2601 times)

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Recovery from Grade 6 Tibial Plateau Fracture
« on: June 02, 2008, 02:31:52 AM »
I just came across this board and I am hoping someone out there can tell me how they recovered from a Grade 6 Tibial Plateau Fracture.

I was skiing in Utah Feb 2008.  I fell and ended up with a Grade 6 Fracture.  I was placed in an external fixator for 4 days while swelling went down.  I had my second surgery to place a plate a screws medially on the tibia.  The ex-fix was placed back in place and I was sent to allow swelling to reduce again.  5 days later I had my third surgery, where they placed 4 more plates and many screws in the lateral part of my tibia.  All in all it was 14 days in the hospital and 5 plates and 40 screws in my tibia.  My fibula was left to heal on its own.

I myself am an x-ray technologist and my fracture was that bad that my physician would not show me my x-rays until after I was discharged.

I was not placed in a brace and began use of a CPM immediately to start ROM.  I was NWB for 2.5 months and I am now 50% WB, I have an appointment on the 12 of June to hopefully get WB as tolerated. 

I am still having issues with doing a straight leg raise.  I am getting stim in PT.  My quad is just not working.  I also get some patellar-femoral pain when I do try to raise my leg in the sitting position.

I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who has this injury and where you are in terms of recovery.  How long did it take to walk w/o assistance?

When can you resume driving?

I am working from home right now, as I now work for a vendor of c-arms, but I am getting pressure to return to work, travelling, getting on planes...

Right now I am still using crutches to get from place to place.  I guess they think I should be further along than I am.

I am 30 years old, and there isn't a lot of information out there for my age group, so I thought I would give this a shot.


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Re: Recovery from Grade 6 Tibial Plateau Fracture
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2008, 03:24:38 AM »
Angie - sorry about your injury, but glad you found us.  It looks like you're doing great.  Recovery from a TPF of any type is very slow.  You have injured the major weight bearing bone in your body, and it will take time to heal.  The typical myth that broken bones heal is 6 weeks is just that a myth.  I feel that my recovery was greatly enhanced by doing my exercises in a swimming pool.  If you have access to one, and get the OSs okay I highly recommend it.  It took me over 12 weeks to walk unassisted, and I still kept my folding cane handy until I was about 5 months out. 
Most OSs won't clear you for driving until you are off of pain meds and can do an "emergency stop" such as moving your foot to the brake and slamming down. 
Read some of the stories in the Specialist's Office - bone breaks around the knee to get some idea of the variety of recovery times for this type of injury.
Sending healing rays your way.
8/4/07 fell
8/5 diagnosed TPF
8/6 surgery plate and 6 screws
8/12 out of hospital NWM
8/21 staples removed
9/18 OS appt - WBAT with crutches
10/10 - WBAT with cane
10/27 - back to work w/cane
12/26 - no cane, slight limp when tired
1/25/08 - released from PT, no limp
2/3/09 - Released by OS