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Author Topic: Arthrosurface Hemi Cap  (Read 6061 times)

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Arthrosurface Hemi Cap
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:19:50 AM »
 December 4th 2008 Arthrosurface Hemi Cap left knee. Polyethylene button on underside of patella 33mm-Chrome molly button trochlear grove of femur 38mm--- Titanium screw in femur to hold buttom 38mmby 15mm.

July 6th 2007 Arthroscopy to fix torn cartilage and to explore rest of knee.

February 6th Damage caused by blunt trauma knee dislocated in both directions-multiple cartilage tears of the patella, part of my knee cap broke off, part of my femur was broke of in the trochia, 3rd degree sprains of the ACL-MCL-LCL and the PCL. I also had a large baker cyst that still comes and goes. 

5 months post op Arthosurface hemi Cap. except for pneumonia the last couple of weeks everything is going great. I had a few minor set backs muscle strains and a I-T-band issue but things seam to be moving along now. Flex and extension were totally back within 17 days. Strength is not 100 % back yet but I am getting stronger. Biggest weakness so far is kneeling and squatting both are painful. Squatting seams to be getting better but kneeling on it flat out hurts. I am better off know then before the Hemi Cap before I couldn't bend my knee past 115 degrees without pain and I could kneel at all. I don't know how well people with knee replacements knee or if they can. I think this is a great option for people that have very specific damage including chrodomillasia and fall into the 35 to 55 year old age bracket. I was the tenth person done in my state and it is no longer in clinical trial and is FDA approved.
Dec 4th 07 arthrosurface hemicap and polyurethane button LK
July 12th 07 arthroscope torn cartilage LK
feb 6th 07 3rd degree sprain MCL 2nd degree sprain ACL LK
Jan 87" bi-lateral release RK
Feb 86" arthroscope cartilage tear RK
Dec 85 'knee drained RK
Oct 85" knee draied
feb 85" arthroscope Rk

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Re: Arthrosurface Hemi Cap
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2009, 02:32:28 AM »
Hello Rottenkid-
How long ago did you have the HemiCAP implant and how are you doing with it now??  I am contemplating having this done.  I do indeed have chondromalacia patella - intermediate to high level as stated on my MRI report.  I'm thinking that's between grades 3 & 4.  I need piece of mind about doing this.  My brother is a dr. and says any bone surgeries have the risk of infection.  I am 51 and just can't see myself going through the rest of my life hobbling around on a swollen, hurting knee!

Thanks for any advice you can give me.